Kimi closing in on Schumacher record

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Kimi Räikkönen’s steamrolling towards the all times reliability-records has awakened the interest of even the last followers of statistics.

In Canada Räikkönen has the opportunity to do a trick in which Fernando Alonso failed a year ago in Belgium – and catch Michael Schumacher’s record of consecutive races with scored points.

Then how does Kimi himself feel about these statistics?

Q: How much does the consecutive races with scored points mean to you? You could catch Schumacher in Canada and then go past him in Silverstone?

“Nah, it doesn’t mean that much. I always try to score points in each race and win races. A row like that breaks at some point no matter what. All you need is that a small part goes apart and that’s that for you.”

“Of course it would be cool to get a record and it is in fact cool already to have so many races with points in a row. Earlier I had to retire quite often. In that sense it has gone well all the time in Lotus.”

“Records in itself don’t matter much. They come and go in sport. The most important thing is that I have achieved what I have always wanted, the world championship. Nobody can take that away from me,” Räikkönen said.

Current F1 Record:

1. Michael Schumacher 24 (Hungary GP 2001 – Malaysia GP 2003)
2. Kimi Räikkönen 23 (Bahrain GP 2012 – Monaco GP 2013)
2. Fernando Alonso 23 (European GP 2011 – Hungary GP 2012)
4. Sebastian Vettel 19 (Brazil GP 2010 – Indian GP 2011)

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