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Kimi’s Column – Abu Dhabi Review

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The Judgement Day

I have experienced a lot during my days in Formula One. But the surprise we got in Abu Dhabi after the good qualifying session was a very new happening to me.

We had the car to go well in one lap, as well as to have a good race speed. I was not able to get a 100% lap in qualifying, but it was good enough to put us in P5 on the grid.

I was pretty happy with it ­ until we found out, there is going to be a penalty for us. There was a heavy shunt to the floor while we went over the kerb in the first run. There was no way to avoid the crash, but we never ever expected it to cause the misery for the race, as well.

The stewards ruled us out of the results. Then we had to start from the back of the grid. In a place like Abu Dhabi, it means it was a very, very tricky race to try to come back in a points winning position. We had to start from the grid, as it was the supposed to be the quickest way to recover some positions.

Obviously, it didn’t work out. After the start I went for the inside line, then we touched with the Caterham. It was just a light touch, but hard to enough to break the steering column.

That’s about it from the last two races. We have had some luck many times during these two seasons, but in Abu Dhabi I felt like all the luck had gone and everything went against us.

But this is motor racing. You have to be prepared to accept everything is possible!


Kimi’s Column: Korea & Japan Preview

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Keep on racing! 

I feel good. After all the difficulties we had in Singapore, the race itself was one of the very best we have had this season. It was a certain battle victory. It felt like winning to finish third and to get back in the podium. 

Obviously, I want to win every time I put my helmet on, but still, it felt good to have such an inspiring race after such a terrible practice and qualifying. It’s a great circuit and a great atmosphere to race, that’s for sure. 

Now we still have six more race weekends ahead of us. The main thing is to focus on the racing only. I don’t want to think too much about what will happen next week, next month, or next year. 2014 starts only in 2014 for me. 

After Singapore we have now the challenge of Korea. After a lively city of Singapore, this place doesn’t feel as exciting, but the track itself is good, and of course, that is the key factor for the drivers. 

It’s a high down-force circuit, which should be good for our car. After Spa and Monza every circuit should be better for us and, at least, in Singapore the car felt very strong. Well, the Red Bull of Sebastian is far ahead of everyone, but our car is good enough to fight for the podium, and that’s a good starting point for the last races of the season. 

During the short break I had a short rest, then I trained and took time to visit to see our team ICE1 RACING in the Nations’ Cup competition of motocross. 

Now we have back-to-back races in Korea and Japan. I like both circuits, my back is still with me, and I’m ready for the new challenges. It will be a challenge to meet again the most passionate fans of the world in Japan, as well.

Kimi’s Column: Singapore Preview

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Saturday Night Fever

I’m happy that my racing career in Formula One will go on with Ferrari in 2014. Hopefully we all can now focus on this season only. There are seven race weekends left, and so we have good time to get some more good results with Lotus Team.

Now we can concentrate on getting the best we can in every single race without thinking of the championship at the same time.

Obviously, Singapore, will be the hottest of them all. It’s a really challenging race and considered as one of TOP3 Grands Prix of the calendar.

I like this night-time race weekend a lot, although I have never had a good race there in that really bumby street circuit with the lights.

We have had some good results in Monaco and I was last year in the podium in Valencia, as well. I like the street circuits, and I’m looking forward to get a TOP3 result, in Singapore, too, while that podium I have never visited before.

We have a good car for the high downforce tracks, but, obviously, to get a good result in a street circuit, you need to qualify high up to have a good race, too.

In Singapore we need to have our best shot for high grid position. That is the only way to avoid joining up the queue behind the leaders of the race.

So it will be a real Saturday night fever for us to get the best qualifying of the season at eight o’clock…

Kimi: Now it is done!

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F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

Now it is done! I’m happy to tell you all I’ll go back to Ferrari. I have been there before, I won the world championship with them back in 2007 and I still know the team very well.

We have been talking to them for a while and finally everything is signed and sealed. For the second time in my career, I will be a Ferrari driver. I’m very proud of making a comeback to the Maranello outfit.

Now we just focus on this season. There are seven races to go, so we have seven races more to get good results for Team Lotus. I will try my very best to finish this season in the best way possible.