#Kimi7 wallpapers

I know this year isn’t throwing us much opportunity for cheers as Kimi fans but hang in there, half the season is remaining and Kimi tends to get stronger especially at these upcoming Grands Prix. Never give up and keep flying. Enjoy!

Evenstar x

[View more in our wallpaper collection]

P.S I wanted to give my sincere thanks to everyone who has been part of the KRS community since it’s early days in 2005 – it’s our 10th anniversary this year!

5 thoughts on “#Kimi7 wallpapers

  1. Never will I give up on Kimi. Drive safe.

    Sent from Samsung tablet


    1. Congrats for 10th anniversary .. Wishes to every kimi fan.. As a kimi fan v never give up.. It’s in our gene..! 😊


      1. Kimi needs to win races…get in rythym


  2. No Kimi at JB funeral… No respect from the appropriately named ‘Iceman’. No, Kimi! Yet another mistake!


    1. Oh please shut up Leonardo. Why are you even here if all you ever do it criticise Kimi.


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