Photos: Ice, Ice, Baby… Kimi shoots new commerical

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Kimi began shooting Renault Megane’s commercial on Friday in Costa Brava, Spain, as the main star. In the pictures below Kimi poses for the camera-team in a long-sleeved dark sweater and jeans on the beach.

To the joy of those who were on the beach (and for the females around the world), Kimi flashed his stomach while they were putting the microphone on him.

Kimi stayed true to his image, because you didn’t really see a smile on the Iceman’s face here either.

10 thoughts on “Photos: Ice, Ice, Baby… Kimi shoots new commerical

  1. Ice, Ice, Baby! :))


  2. Nice pictures of the Iceman! I’m wondering if he really enjoyed it, knowing he doesn’t like to do PR work…


  3. I believe he actually enjoys it if it’s not that often.


  4. Breathtaking bone chilling handsome!!!who could resist those piercing grey eyes!!!


  5. I hear his marriage to Jenni is over. So sad.

    But on a happier note, he is out there all alone!

    So girls, what are you all waiting for ???? Get to Melbourne quick !!!


    1. Hey Leonardo! Yes sad news indeed, but all attention and focus should be on the 2013 season baby! I’m sure Kimi is as motivated as ever – he looks fitter than last year. Can’t wait for Melbourne!


      1. Yes, he looks very fit. Seems to have beefed up a bit, too.

        Imagine all the girls crowding around Kimi knowing that he is now single? This year is indeed going to be a lot of fun ;-).

        Hopefuly the car performs well too – especially in one lap qualifying.


      2. to marry him or to see him racing..???


    1. Yes, racing LOL!

      But Kimi had better watch out in China or Korea or Japan where F1 is extremely popular! Those girls are certainly not shy, especially if the driver concerned is blonde with blue eyes – and if he is recently single!

      If I was The Iceman, I would wear my gorilla disguise to all those race venues LOL!!!


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