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Kimi’s Column: Abu Dhabi GP Review (Finnish)

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Ciao Ferrari!

Three years with Ferrari came and went. It was a fabulous time.

My dream came true the first time when we won the championship. We
started well at the second time and were third in the final points.
About this time there is a little in my toothole because we would have
wanted to race for the championship but weren’t able to do so at any
point. At least there were a few races that made me happy.

I will have only good memories of the team and got some friends forever from there. Thank you to all of them. Ciao Ferrari!

The season and my job-time with the team ended in Abu Dhabi. It
wasn’t much of a race. We didn’t get anywhere on the technical track
with our car. And as a track it didn’t really fire me up at all. These
modern tracks don’t seem to be my thing. I dig a lot the old lanes.
There’s a good thing going on on those tracks. These new just don’t
offer the same feeling to really really race.

We already knew when going there that Yas Marina is going to be as
tricky to us as Singapore was. The more curves, the more our car loses
time. We were almost in Q3 in quali. 11th position was a good result.
We lost one place in the start and stayed there too.

The gang probably asks what we do next year. I think we can at some
point tell what we have decided. I can say that much that the
motivation hasn’t gone anywhere. Racing interests me as much as it did
when I was a kid. Racing is everything!

But now I’m going to keep a short vacation. The season was hard and
we knew it already before we started to race when we were so much
behind the lead. Fortunately we at least won in Spa. That is the
highlight of this season and the only thing that stays in my mind.

F1 is going through a tough change. The regulations will change
again. Let’s hope that in the future they will be the same for everyone
and in a way so that they can’t be understood as you want to.

I’m preparing for the next season like before. First I take in some
oxygen and then I’ll keep the touch alive. Let’s wait and see where we
drive. Thank you to all the fans and mates who have supported me. The fight
goes on!


Kimi’s Column: Abu Dhabi GP Preview | F1 Driver Salary List For 2009

From | Finnish Translation Courtesy of Wolfie

The Final Attack

It’s the final race and I have good feelings like always when the
season ends and the vacation begins. Dubai’s neighbour has done a good job here and when everything is as ready as ready can be this is going
to be a cool place to end the season in the future too.

I’ll attack in this race with the same mentality as always. The
point of departure is that I’ll get yet one good result just like it’s
always excpected from a professional.

I dig the new tracks and places even though they aren’t like Spa or
Monaco. I’ve never had any difficulties learning a new track fast and
it will happen now too as soon as I get my hands on the job.

We haven’t done anything with the car since Hungary. But it has fit
well on many tracks. In Brazil we were in a good speed and could have
made more difference to McLaren without the difficulties.

I doubt our car will be as strong in Abu Dhabi but I’ll put
everything in the game so that we could still squeeze past McLaren.
It’s going to be a tough battle when everybody else are so close to
each other.

Then we’ll see what kind of traction we will get on a new asphalt in the final games.

After the race I will go quickly home. I will leave behind me many
good friends at Ferrari and we have had a cool three years together.
Let’s now first drive through this weekend and say arrivederci after
that. After that I have to tune and decide what I’ll do next year.


A new survey of F1 salaries is topped by Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, who has collected a $45m pay cheque this year.

The survey was compiled by F1 expert Tom Rubython, author of the Ayrton Senna biography The Life of Senna.

said: “There may be a global recession going on but being an F1 driver
means you earned a fortune last year. These figures are just basic
salaries, and don’t include sponsorship and other income, which can
often be three times that amount.”

In total, the 20 drivers who
will race this weekend have earned $126.8m – although if Ferrari’s
Felipe Massa is included (currently out injured), it brings the average
F1 salary for 2009 to $6.4m.

Despite the high salaries for the
star drivers, three of the top names are on no salary due to “rent a
drive” contracts – Kazuki Nakajima, Romain Grossjean and Vitantonio


1. Kimi Raikkonen $45m
2. Lewis Hamilton $18m
3. Fernando Alonso $15m
4. Nico Rosberg $8.5m
5. Jarno Trulli $6.5m
6. Sebastian Vettell $6m
7. Mark Webber $5.5m
8. Jenson Button $5m
9. Robert Kubica $4.5m
10. Heiki Kovaleinen $3.5m
11. Nick Heidfeld $2.8m
12. Timo Glock $2m
13. Giancarlo Fisichella $1.5m
14. Sebastien Buemi $1.5m
15. Rubens Barrichello $1m
16. Jaime Alguersuari $0.5m
17. Vitantonio Liuzzi $NIL
18. Adrian Sutil [Rent a driver]
19. Romain Grossjean $NIL
20. Kazuki Nakajima $NIL
* Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who is not racing due to injury, earned $8m in 2009.

Kimi’s Column: Brazil GP Review (Finnish)

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Fiery Race

The Brazilian GP came and went. We had good chances of getting into the
top three but when it’s no, it’s no. It wasn’t something worth taking volts
about but at least we got some points home. It could have been worse.

The start was okay. It went like a pike from the shore and I felt that
I had a good thing going on. The race went like we expected. We were
3rd but in the start I had to try to get up because if you don’t try
you don’t get anything.

Oh well, with these snow pusher wings it’s tough if someone changes the
line in front of you. Webber knew that I came with KERS from behind and
he pulled in front of me. I went to the grass and I lost my front
wing. We didn’t get to attack after that.

The whole Finland-department went to the pitstop at the same time.
Heikki left first. I only noticed that he had the hose still attached
and that it sprayed gasolin all over the road. I think I got it in a
split second that it’s also coming over me and realised that it will
burst into flames when the temperatures are the same as in a cigarette

I went to the left, took my hands off the steering wheel and for a
wavering second I was thinking whether I should jump out of the car or
not. But then the flames died at once, my eyes were burning but I
continued the race.

It felt like Räikkönen’s boy would have gone to a microwave oven
instead of to a pitstop. But when these additional shows were over I
had a heavy car and couldn’t do anything else put the foot on the pedal
and try to improve my position.

I got stuck behind Grosjean and got to drive my in my own pace only
after he went fuelling. It was enough for 6th position but without the
hassle in the start we would have been second or at least third.

Now there’s only one race left in the reds and after that it’s
arrivederci to them. I will fight to the end for the 3rd position in
WCC. McLaren got ahead of us by one point but these last races have
been so even that we still have chances to get past them.

Abu Dhabi is a great place and it’s sort of a Ferrari’s own park. We
will try our best so that we would get a good result as some sort of a
grande finale.

Kimi’s Column: Brazil GP Preview

From | Finnish Translation courtesy of Wolfie

Once Again Full Gallop

The season is taking it’s last breaths and for us it’s race by race
more difficult to achieve anything. The gadgets have been what they
have been for the last months and you just have to try and fight for
the best possible performance to the team with them.

In Suzuka everything went well and we came in 4th. Let’s hope that
there would be good points to take from Brazil even though the gadgets
aren’t galloping the way they should.

Interlagos is kind of a bumpy and dirty circuit. It’s a totally
shabby place but for me it’s totally number one when we won the
championship there the way we did. It’s always cool to go there.
Ferrari has always been fast there.

The track requires downforce and a stable car when braking. An
important place is the rise uphill to the finish line. KERS will be a
big advantage there for sure.

We can’t do anything else than try to grab the third place in WCC.
The goal is that we can keep the serie bundled up until the last race.

Soon I’ll be 30 using Reetu’s words. I haven’t got the time to
party during the weekend. If I’m really optimistic, it would be great
to first get a qualifying from where I could fight for the prizes in the
race. Although it would mean that some opponents don’t get everything
in place.

As for my continuance everything is still open. I haven’t made any
decisions. I’m looking at the situation and watching how things
proceed. I would have the eagerness to go flat out but the gadgets just
have to be in such a stitch that you can go flat out and have a chance
to win.

I think we’ll get some information out in a few weeks.