Kimi launches new Renault Megane campaign



Lotus F1 Team driver Kimi Raikkonen stopped off in Paris today to launch the new Renault Mégane advertising campaign. In front of a crowd gathered at the prestigious Renault Atelier on the Champs-Elysées, the 2007 world champion unveiled the campaign titled ‘Iceman vs Fisherman’.

In the advert, developed by Renault and its agency Publicis Conseil, Kimi is pitted against a solitary fisherman:


The campaign was shot in Spain in early January. Kimi was selected from the Renault-powered drivers for his strong identity and the qualities he demonstrates on track, which are entirely in line with the values Renault will promote with the Mégane, namely dynamism, performance, rigour and quality.

The campaign will eventually be launched worldwide across print and TV media with teasers of the advert posted on digital media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and several blog sites. Two teasers will also be run on Eurosport. The first TV advert will be shown on 4 March in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In a fiercely competitive market, the Mégane draws on Renault’s strongest economic and ecological advances. The Energy dCi110 engine has an impressive fuel consumption rate of 3,5L/100km, allowing a record driving distance. In parallel Renault will also push the Mégane’s youthful, masculine looks, sharp design and driving pleasure.

Prior to his Atelier appearance, Kimi also stopped off at Renault Sport F1’s headquarters in Viry-Châtillon to meet with staff building the RS27 V8 engine that will power his Lotus F1 Team chassis in this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship.


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Photos: Ice, Ice, Baby… Kimi shoots new commerical

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Kimi began shooting Renault Megane’s commercial on Friday in Costa Brava, Spain, as the main star. In the pictures below Kimi poses for the camera-team in a long-sleeved dark sweater and jeans on the beach.

To the joy of those who were on the beach (and for the females around the world), Kimi flashed his stomach while they were putting the microphone on him.

Kimi stayed true to his image, because you didn’t really see a smile on the Iceman’s face here either.

What will Kimi do next: Makia Racing deal

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Makia is a Finnish clothing brand and have been sponsoring Kimi Raikkonen for nearly a year since returning to Formula 1. This video is was released on after the countdown ended.

Kimi is an official ambassador modelling for Makia Racing – a new clothing line, an Iceman inception. Congratulations!


Makia Racing

Finland has a long history in automobile racing. From rallying on frozen lakes to doing circles around the local grill stand, driving is in our DNA. We simply couldn’t run from our destiny any longer and so Makia Racing was born. Without limiting to any specific motorsport, it is our vision of racing inspired clothes that can be worn at all times, on or off the road. To give the project a little kickstart we went after the most talented and interesting driver on the planet, and now that the contract is signed, we are proud to present you MAKIA RACING.

Lotus F1 video starring Kimi: “I am back”

Here is an official promo video for the Lotus F1 team. Hopefully we’ll see the last scene in a week’s time?