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Kimi’s Column – Brazil GP Review

Ferrari version from | Finnish Translation by Nicole
So it was a season like that. The last race pretty much symbolized it.

We got close but did not get the best result. The car was so good that
we could have taken the first 2 places in the race. It wasn’t perfect,
but it was good to drive in the end. It just wasn’t worth taking risks
at that point.

The most important thing in Brazil was that we did more or less what we
went there to do and won the WCC for the team. It’s a big thing for
everyone who is related to Ferrari – the staff, the sponsors and
especially Stefano who lead the team for the first year.

And it is a small victory for me too. This was a tough year. It feels great that we got the WCC after what happened.

My championship hopes were already packed in a box after Spa and Monza.
After that I only tried to score points for the team and build a
foundation from which it is good to go to next winter and next season.

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton. He scored most points this year
and whoever can do that, deserves the Championship. The race ain’t over
until everybody has crossed the finishing line. I’m sorry for Felipe.
Last year the situation was kind of like this and it turned out in my
favour. Now it went the other way around.

I’m sure that this was a season fans will remember for a long time.
Motor-racing has what many other sports would need. You never know what
is going to happen in the race.

We have a party with the fans this weekend in Mugello. We drive and
have fun. After that this season is over and we get to go on vacation.

The season wasn’t what we wanted it to be although it started
pretty well. Then too many bad things happened and even though others
made mistakes too, we made too many and we couldn’t recover from them.
We paid for our mistakes more than the others and the WDC went that

But it’s an old thing already. Next year we try again and try to do
everything better. The rules change and it makes everything even more
interesting than before. It feels good when you are at a situation like
this in Ferrari.

When the rules change, this team usually is in a strong position. We will wait and see what we accomplish next year. Kimi sure does know how to feel good and positive even after a difficult year for him and the team. That’s exactly what Ferrari need, and Kimi’s sounding more and more like a true leader. He doesn’t try or want to be, but he just wants to do his best and always has good attitude even in the toughest of times. [updated 17.58 GMT] The Finnish translated column is posted above!


Kimi’s Column: Brazil GP Preview


[Finnish Translation by Neverjoyce]

The last race of the season means you have last chance to race for a
while. Racing driver loves to race so I put my helmet on and go for it.

Our goal is the victory. That would give me better feelings
towards next winter and for upcoming season. This season gave me
nothing to recall.We are going to analyse everything and then improve
those things what went wrong.

But first we have to deal with the last race. Its fine that we are
racing in Brazil as there always happens a lot. We are not going to
make big warplans , we are just adjusting to situations that might come
towards to us but we are shooting heavy.

We are forced to take the victory and our goal is 1-2 for ferrari
as we are fighting for two championships. One we are leading and
another we are "baking" for Felipe.It would be cool if we could
celebrate as a winners at the Brazil banquet. Every team wants the WCC
but to ferrari its even more important because of its traditions. I
would feel great if I can help them to achieve those goals.

After China I relaxed a bit and went to check out Anton Alens
rallying in Switzerland. There is no need to charge the batteries for
Brazil. It comes naturally.

I will never forget last years race.There is a warm spot in my
heart for Brazil. It was nice to win that race and the WDC. Thats the
biggest moment in every racing drivers career.

Ferrari is always quick at Brazil and I hope we find our speed
starting from the first practise. Brazil has been a good place for me
but I were not able to get the first place until last year. That made
up those I missed.

The season is almost over but I am still seeking for the right set
up. We have been close in the last two races, the feeling in the car is
good but it could be even better. In Q3 you have to have a car with you
can go flat out to corners. There is this tiny difference in your
selfconfidence when you notice that you can throw your car into curves.

As been said many times this isnt what we wanted. It all went well
when we were leading but its amazing how fast everything vanished.
Sometimes it went better and then everything went worse. This year has
been very long and hard. You just wait for the break. Now I have to
charge my batteries well because there is much work to do in winter.
Rules are changing and its exiting to see how much its going to affect
on F1 and we are going to test already before this year ends.

I will lose the WDC but I want it back right away!  This is the final Kimi column we’ll see for this year, unless there’s a Brazil review too, but I’m missing him already! Let’s hope he can end this 2008 season with a smile on Sunday. The picture above is actually from Australia in March this year: who would have known what was lying ahead for Kimi after becoming world champion? Keep flying Kimi!

Kimi’s Column, Chinese GP Review: “Thank you for all the support” and send in your thoughts on 2008!

From a change, it was nice to come back home from a race weekend. Looking at it, the most positive thing from both weekends was being strong in qualifying – at last.

The car is more to my liking and, because of that, we started on the front row at both Fuji and Shanghai. It gave a good feeling. Finally we got something back from the hard work the team has done with the car. We have done some right things while the results have improved.

I like sushi and Chinese food too, but of course I liked it more to get back onto the podium. We need a strong finish to the season. A positive finish gives a positive feeling for the long winter and a good starting point for next year.

The possibility of a win was almost there. But the race pace was not enough in China. I had a better feeling with the car all the time which felt positive. But it still wasn’t the 100% we wanted it to be.

We could not exactly match the speed of the McLaren during the whole weekend. Hamilton was quicker than us in the first few laps of the race and, again, quicker with the new tyres after the stops. We managed to get a little bit closer but obviously it was too late. While we had the same amount of fuel, only a mistake from them would have made it possible to try and beat Hamilton.

I became 29 years old on Friday at China. Birthdays come and go, but it was so nice to see and hear that so many fans remembered and supported me, although this season has not been my best. Thank you all for the support.

Last year I had the best weekend of my life in Brazil. I will never forget that. Now we head for Brazil again and obviously what happened there last time will give me such a great feeling again. This time we’ll try our very best to repeat that 1-2 result again. We will try to fight for the win and we will monitor what is happening and act accordingly.

My approach is the same as it was when going to the last two races. The qualifying is very important. The front row would be fantastic again. Let’s wait and see, how it pays out this time.

We made the best of it from the position we had in China. While I cannot win the driver’s championship anymore, it was the same finishing second of third for me. The main thing is that I was able to get 14 points for Ferrari. The team still fight hard for both championships.

I’m a team member and I’m more than happy to do my share and to help the team win the championships in the season final.  What a great review from Kimi (read the Finnish translation in the comments section below). He’s taking the positive of finally having a more comfortable car in qualifying to get a better result in Brazil. For the team. His last sentence shows his dedication and appreciation to the team who took him in 2007 and made him a world champion. I don’t expect anymore criticisms to assume otherwise.

The fans in China were in bigger force than they were last year. Not only does this show the growing support for Kimi, but even at a time where he’s said 2008 hasn’t been his best year, we have shown our loyal support and eternal love for him. It definately was emotional for me to see all that support, those banners and hundreds of Finnish flags. So Kimi really appreciated it. Well done guys. It was made clear that ‘through the highs and lows, keep flying Kimi!’

And it’s touching that Kimi mentioned his last weekend in Brazil, where he became world champion. As you would have already seen yesterday or perhaps not yet, I also mentioned I’ll never forget it. We’ll never forget it! It was all the hard work of six damn years, all the blood, sweat and tears, compressed into one moment and exploded in the Kimi fan community around the world. We stood by him through that time, so another bad year wasn’t going to change anything. Next season will be a completely new chapter and one worth seeing, as each year has been as a Kimi fan.

| Send KRS Your Messages! | We have more than a week left till this season’s final Grand Prix. So till then, I want you all to email me a summary of your thoughts on 2008, as the season comes to a close. Keep them short (between 100-150 words) and if possible please do send in a picture of yourself to accompany your message!
The deadline is the 29th October.

Kimi’s Column: Japan GP Review – “Sayonara to the Championship”

From have really dug so deep, that the results we achieved at Fuji felt
quite nice. Finally we finished the race, we started from the front row
and got back to the podium. Obviously, the team was happy to get good
points and climb back to the leading position in the constructor’s

But I have to say, that the second place in qualifying and the third
place in the race are not exactly what we wanted. It was annoying to
know that we had so good chance for the pole and, most of all, for the
win on Sunday.

The team has been working day and night to improve the car. But,
for me, it was that same old story all over again. Setting up the car
the way I like it to be depends too much on the weather and on the
circuit. We know the speed is there in our car. We just have to find
the right set-up to maximise it every time.

And we will!

The start was good. We got the lead, like we planned and when you
turn first to the first corner, you should be leading after that. I
cannot understand what they were thinking there behind me. They came
much too fast to that breaking point and caused a big problem for many

You have to learn how to find the breaking points already when you six
years old while starting with GO Karts. Obviously, you should know how
it goes at this level.

I don’t know about the others, but, at least, my father Matti put
sticks on the right places for me and for my brother to know where to
brake. That’s how you learn that lesson the best and you remember it
always where ever you race.

At Fuji the fight for the victory was over for me already in the
first corner. Both McLarens came too quickly and I could not turn to
the first corner. The worst thing was losing so many places. If I just
could have took the lead, like I should have after that start, probably
we would have won it easily. But now we got stuck behind the others, we
did our best, but we never got back to the positions where you have the
advantage of using the clean air in front of you.

I managed to overtake Trulli and we should have been able to
overtake Kubica in the second pitstop. Unfortunately there was one car
in front of me in my inlap and we lost a fracture of the time also at
the pitstop. That was enough to miss the chance to get back to the
circuit in front of Kubica.

At Fuji you have a couple of places to overtake people. I was trying to
fight and once I got beside Robert and little bit ahead of him, too,
coming to the third corner. It was a good fight, neither of us did
lift, so I had to go wide. After that all we could do was to bring the
car home third. was Sayonara to the drivers’ championship. Really I didn’t
think of the title after Spa. I should have won in Belgium, because
that would have been the only way to control the point situation. Now
it was just a matter of time, when it was over.

I have been telling since January, that we do our best to win the
championship again and if that’s not working out, we will try again
next year. That’s what we are going to do now. I know what it takes to
win the championship back.

This week we go to China. Let’s wait and see what we are able to do
there. Last year we won the race. Shanghai is a challenging circuit and
I like it very much. Now we aim at getting 1-2 result for Ferrari and
bringing the best points for the team.
Flying Kimi! I loved his comment about having learned breaking points
during karting, obviously that’s aimed at a certain driver. Kimi was quite scornful there but in whatever he says he stills sounds like a gentleman. It put a
huge smile on my face! Go Kimi!

And Kimi enjoyed his fight with Kubica. People are saying it was more
than just a fight for 2nd place, it was a fight to keep Kimi’s
championship hopes alive. Missing out on two extra points means Kimi’s
totally out of the game now, fullstop. But during a race, the drivers
don’t really know what the points situation is right there and then. I
seriously doubt Kimi was thinking about two extra points when fighting
with Kubica. He had two attempts on Kubica, fairly and decently with
Kimi ending up on the run off area, so what’s the point in going for
another more aggressive approach. Kimi’s not a madman in that sense. We
already know his racing capabilities, his payback was at Spa and he
successfully passed Massa AND Hamilton, fair and square. Spa was the
race that mattered and we’ll never forget his drive there. Superb. And
he couldn’t be more right about the situation after Spa. He wasn’t
going to sit and cry about it and be an idiot in the next few races.
Someone’s already taken that role…

Kimi is sounding quite laidback about losing the title now, in this
column. At Japan, he enjoyed proper racing again with proper racers and
being back on the podium with two great competitors. He brought Ferrari
back in the constructor’s lead. Ferrari have also done some little
developments on the car, particularly on the rear, which is helping
Kimi. Aldo Costa also confirmed that Kimi in particular has a very busy testing schedule; they have planned a total of 10,000km distance
throughout winter testing. That should be more than enough for Kimi to
get things sorted and fight back next year! Cheers to that.

It’s been a difficult year and as Kimi fans it’s been very hard. But I
can’t imagine how frustrating it’s been for the man himself. I remember
during the 2007 Brazil post-race press conference that Kimi said he’ll
try and win it again this year but it’s going to be difficult. He was
certainly right about that. So, let’s enjoy what we can of these final
two races at China and Brazil. Kimi was back in winning positions at
Japan in qualifying and for the race so he’ll try harder at China. But
hopefully that McLaren driver stays well clear of him this time. We’re
with you all the way Kimi! Keep flying ~