Kimi’s Column: Monaco GP Review

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Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo 22-26 May 2013

Pushed off the train

Obviously, there is not too much to say about the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. We didn’t start that well on Thursday, but managed to get the car ok for Saturday and Sunday. Then we ‘joined the train’ going around the circuit in the race ­ but were pushed out off it during the final laps.

Once again the race showed how tricky it is to overtake in Monaco. We got the fifth place in the grid, raced most of the time fifth, and settled for the P5… But is was not to come for us. It was just ten laps to go, while I’ve got hit from behind.

The rear wheel was destroyed and I had to limb back to the pits. Coming back with fresh tyres we were in P16. But at least then I saw how nice it is to race in a clean air with new tyres.

We managed to do some overtaking and got back to the TOP 10. We got one point back, but, obviously, it was a very, very disappointing end for the weekend.

Just imagine how great it would have been to go in the front of the pack with our car… At least we know, our car is competitive in all kind of circuits.

We had some good results earlier on before Monaco, so one bad result doesn¹t mean the championship is lost.

But as I have said many times, there will be a weekend, where we are not going to be happy, and this was one of those. Hopefully the only one, as well!

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