2014 F1 Season

1. Australian GP: 7th
2. Malaysian GP: 12th
3. Bahrain GP: 10th
4. Chinese GP: 8th
5. Spain GP: 7th
6. Monaco GP: 12th
7. Canada GP: 10th
8. Austria GP: 10th
9.  British GP: DNF
10. German GP: 11th
11. Hungary GP: 6th
12. Belgium GP: 4th
13. Italian GP: 9th
14. Singapore GP: 8th
15. Japan GP: 12th
16. Russian GP: 9th
17. United States GP: 13th
18. Brazil GP: 7th
19. Abu Dhabi GP: 10th

2014 Season (Ferrari)
Number of Grands Prix 19
Number of Starts 19
Number of Finishes 18
Number of Finishes on Podium 0
Number of Finishes in Points 13
Number of Retirements 1
Number of Wins 0
Number of Pole Positions 0
Number of Fastest Laps 1

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