Kimi to take part in Moscow Ice Race

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Kimi Raikkonen will take part in an oval ice race in Moscow next month.

The Lotus Formula 1 driver will be the star guest at the ‘Race of Stars’ event organised by Russian magazine Za Rulem.

The event takes place at the Moscow Hippodrome on February 23, just after the second winter F1 test ends.

Anastasia Bendikova, CEO of event promoter SC ASPAS, said Raikkonen had a huge Russian fanbase, second only in motor racing to Fernando Alonso.

Anons_gonki_Zvyozd_Za_rulyom_2011“No doubt it is a unique opportunity for all Kimi’s Russian fans to see him in the flesh in Moscow and on the race track in action earlier than 2014, when the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi will take place,” said Bendikova.

Caterham F1 driver Charles Pic will also take part, alongside Russia’s leading motorsport stars, including F1 man Vitaly Petrov, World Rally Championship frontrunner Evgeny Novikov and Red Bull protege Daniil Kvyat.

2 thoughts on “Kimi to take part in Moscow Ice Race

  1. Good luck to Kimi in the Race of Stars! You might like this T-shirt design, a tribute I made to him..


  2. Does anyone know whether the Moscow Ice Race is going to be televised? I’d love to see it. And good luck to KR as well!


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