RedBull, Lotus swap race engineers for Kimi


Rennie with Raikkonen and SladeKimi Raikkonen and Mark Webber will both have new race engineers in 2013 after a swap between Lotus and Red Bull.

Raikkonen’s race engineer from 2012 Simon Rennie moves from Lotus to Red Bull and will work with Webber next season, while Webber’s engineer Ciaron Pilbeam moves in the other direction to become chief race engineer at Lotus.

Ciaron Pilbeam and Mark WebberWebber and Pilbeam had worked together since 2007 at Red Bull, with Pilbeam having worked for BAR prior to joining the team in 2006.

Red Bull confirmed to ESPN that Rennie had been brought in to replace the outgoing Pilbeam.

“We can confirm that Ciaron Pilbeam has left the team to take up a new position with Lotus,” a Red Bull spokeswoman said. “We’re pleased to welcome Simon Rennie to Red Bull Racing who will be Mark Webber’s race engineer.”

3 thoughts on “RedBull, Lotus swap race engineers for Kimi

  1. Promotion for Ciaron, demotion for Rennie – title wise.

    All the best to both!


  2. Always welcome with new blood which can bring new views of things. And I expect Kimi to raise his game, just hope Lotus does as well. But I think they will.


  3. Not sure I am happy with this looking at Webber’s past qualifying & race performance under Pilbeam. Hope I am wrong!


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