Adam Parr on Williams: I wanted to hire Kimi

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Adam Parr, Kimi Raikkonen, Australian Grand Prix- Thursday - 2012

Kimi Räikkönen returned back to F1 in Lotus, but he would originally had wanted to drive in Williams.

Räikkönen, who was looking for a new F1-contract visited Williams-team’s factory in Britain at the end of year 2011.

Adam Parr, who back then was Williams-team’s second boss and chairman of the board, he remembers very well how the team’s board had heated discussions about whether or not hire Räikkönen.

“One member said that we have to hire him. Another member said that it would be the worst mistake we have ever done,” Parr told Autosport.

“I myself wanted to hire him, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it would be too risky.

“His eagerness and determination made an impression on me, however his value was still a mystery for us and we didn’t even know how good car we could give him,” Parr told.

Last season proved that Williams made a mistake when they didn’t hire Räikkönen.

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4 thoughts on “Adam Parr on Williams: I wanted to hire Kimi

  1. now they really know that disappointment comes later ~


  2. too risky..and so they hired


    1. “Post-factum-wisdon is an exact science” (estonian´s saying)
      Yee, Mr. Parr, You had a time to decide and You made Your conclusion….what a shame, that was a bad one – sometimes has to risk……moreover, it was KIMI……


  3. I think the people at the Williams F1 team have scratched their heads after seeing what ‘The Iceman’ is capable of. I’m wondering if Kimi could’ve performed well in a Williams F1 car as he did in the Lotus E20 last season…


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