Thursday at Hungary, Press Conference

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Drivers: Jaime ALGUERSUARI (Toro Rosso), Robert KUBICA (BMW Sauber), Kimi RAIKKONEN (Ferrari), Mark WEBBER (Red Bull).

Q. Kimi, let’s go forward to next weekend and Rally Finland. What are your thoughts about that?

Kimi RAIKKONEN: I think it will be a completely different
thing. I have done a few rallies but it is like club races compared to
the Finland Rally. I will just go there and have fun and hopefully we
are going to make it to the end and that would be nice.

Q. There are quite a few modifications to the car this weekend. What are you expecting from them?

KR: Yeah, I mean my car has some new stuff. A new front wing
from what we had in the last race but unfortunately we only had one
part. We have some new floor parts and a rear wing. Hopefully it will
help us. This circuit is more like Monaco and the car seemed to be
working pretty well there, so hopefully we can have a bit better
weekend than the last one.

Q. You have been on the podium here for the last two years. And
you’ve won and you’ve been on pole position, so your thoughts about the
circuit as a whole?

KR: It is quite a nice circuit. For driving it is quite a
good challenge. It is not easy to get the car right here but for the
racing it can easily get a bit boring. It is a bit more like Monaco
though here it is slightly easier to overtake but you need to be quite
a bit faster than the guy in front of you to get past him. We will see
how it goes but it is a nice place to come.

Q. What about the advantage of KERS coming out of the final
corner going down into the first corner? Is it the main place for

KR: Yeah, if you get a good run out of the last corner, then
definitely the KERS will help you. On the start it will help you as it
is quite a long straight before the first corner. Sure we will find out
some advantage with the KERS and anyhow with that we always seem to be
faster, so for us it is only a good thing.

Q. (Marco Degl’Innocenti – La Gazzetta dello Sport) Kimi, what’s
your target from now until the end of the season, what’s your target
for Ferrari?

KR: I think the team target is to try to finish in third
place in the championship. I think that’s what we’re aiming for. For
myself, I will try to win as many points as I can, as many good results
as we can and that’s all we can try to do.

Q. (Mark Webber) I’ve got a question for Kimi. I want to know who’s doing Kimi’s pace notes? Is he brave man or not?

KR: Yeah. He used to do it before for Tommi Mäkinen, so he should be OK. He’s survived until now, so he should be OK.

MW: Honestly, I think it’s a real credit to Kimi
that he’s having a crack at it. It’s a really brave thing to do, so I
wish Kimi all the best for tackling one of the hardest rallies in the
world. We should take our hats off to him, so good luck with it.

KR: Cheers.

Q. (Alan Baldwin – Reuters) Mark, can I ask you, as one of the
oldest race winners – without being too ageist about it – how would you
have coped, coming in to Formula One as a 19-year old?

MW: Probably wouldn’t have been ready, to be honest, but
these days they seem to be ready a lot earlier. I’ve never been a big
fan of Formula One being a learning school but it seems like it is
these days. I don’t think Formula One is a learning school. When you
arrive in Formula One you should be ready. It’s not a place to learn.
Anyway, some guys are doing that but it’s harder without testing these
days. I think we’re going to see a bit more of it, maybe, in the future
where guys are learning. It’s not the same case as when we had a guy
here a few years ago lapping eight seconds off the pace which was
totally ridiculous. Jaime won’t be like that, he will be quick enough,
obviously, and he’s going to learn but they’re coming younger every
time now but that’s the way it is. After Formula Ford they want to be
in Formula One. It was only Kimi, a long time ago, and after that we
had quite a big gap. It’s quite cheap if you can do it that way, go
from Formula Ford to Formula One, it’s a cheap option but it’s not that
easy when you arrive.

3 thoughts on “Thursday at Hungary, Press Conference

  1. Same boring questions i bet Kimi would have preferred to have a nap(hahaha);) well at least they didn’t ask about the Alonso rumors, a bit surprised though about Webber’s comments obviously he no longer thinks Kimi is ‘drinking some vodka or dreaming or something’, whatever who cares about him i also wanna wish Kimi good luck for his upcoming rally but mostly for this weekendKeep Flying Iceman !!!!!!!!


  2. hope all those new parts will give Kimi a mega good car !!we will see better tomorrow! but i’m optimistic!!Go Kimi!!


  3. Like Kiki, I’m also surprised with Webber’s comment…Kind of sweet, but maybe he just want to show publicly that he cares what Kimi does off-track esp after getting a lot of bashing from F1/Kimi’s fans due to his previous "vodka" remarks. Ah…Whatever…I’m only interested of Kimi’s race this w/end. Hope Ferari didn’t screw-up his racing and he has a podium finish.Good luck and Keep Flying Kimi!!!


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