Kimi’s Column: Hungary GP Preview

From | Original Finnish Translation courtesy of Wolfie | Video: Watch Kimi’s Hungary preview

They say about Hungary that it’s the same kind of racing place as
Monaco is. Those curves are in both places very tight but at least
Hungary forgives small screw-ups while in Monaco it’s
immediately game over.

We had our hands on the prizes in Monaco and for sure we have the
same goal this weekend in Hungary too. I’ve got good feelings that our
car has better possibilities in Hungary than it has had in a few other

I could have won in Monaco too if the qualifying would have fallen
exactly into place. It didn’t so I had to take the 3rd place. In
Hungary it’s the same thing, there you also have to qualify high.
Otherwise the race becomes a boring and sweaty afternoon.

It’s usually hot there, but it’s not difficult when you are in a
good condition. I at least want to make it there big time and my will
is strong.

We think that a slower and hotter track should suit Ferrari better
than the fast and cool scenes. In Monaco we had the second fastest car
but after that other teams have also brought their latest updates to
the rings. Let’s wait for Friday and the 1st practice to see where
everyone is.

This season we have wondered what it really is with the rubbers
since their behaviour change so much during the weekend. In Hungary we
don’t at least don’t have to suffer from them not warming up enough.
But hopefully we get everything to fall in place so they would function
fast since the action window is still so narrow.

The first half of this season is now behind. It was really
difficult. The team has made fiercly work so we could catch the top but
all the time it’s such a big hurry with the new parts. The rest of the
season’s results depend a lot on what the team decides about their
focus on the development stuff.

After Hungary the vacation begins. It’s always cool but now my
first week is different when I go to Jyskälä to drive rally. It’s
totally my own thing and I enjoy it in a different way when you’re not
really at work. After the rally I will take it easy for a couple of
days and after that start the harder training so that I’ll be in a good
stitch in autumn.

6 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: Hungary GP Preview

  1. It’s his the 150th GP,Hungary again.


  2. Come on! I know you will do better in this race- I have a feeling- especially as Ferrari’s F60 is better suited to tracks like Hungaroring I was watching his interview and his hair seems to be really long hahaKeep Flying Kimi!


  3. i’m sure he can do something too! I hope to see him for his first pole and first win of the year!!i keep hoping the best even if things are not as simple… no matter! i’m ready to see him on a new battle!Keep flying Kimi!!


  4. Yup, can’t wait for this weekend’s race. I also thinks that he can do something, and hope lucks fall into his place. Agreed Matt, his hair is pretty long. Cool though, definitely different hair style throughout his F1 careers. Keep Flying Kimi!


  5. I also believe that Kimi can have a really good race and finish it with a podium and why not a victory, that of course if Ferrari don’t screw up his race as usual or if his car doesn’t break down…it wouldn’t be bad at all if these things happened to ‘felipe baby’ bcoz i’m actually begining to have a feeling that Ferrari are doing that on purpose to Kimi in order to make a fool of him and make it look like he’s lacking motivation and that he’s outperformed by felipe(yeah right) and most people are dumb enough to believe that.anyway, hopefully this time around Kimi will get rid of the bad luck that has stuck to him throughout the first half of the season and have a brand new start…Keep flying Kimi!!!


  6. @KIKI: for some reason, i have to agree with you! i really felt everything that you have said bout those felipebaby thing….it’s almost like the ferrari don’t really care bout kimi! but i hope it’s not true though!anyways, hopefully the luck is on kimi side this time…we raikkos really want to see kimi on the podium once again and even better a sweet victory for him!!!!!Keep flying Kimi!!!!!!


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