2009 Grand Prix of Hungary, Practice Sessions 1, 2 & 3

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.pngFree Practice 3 – Hamilton Remains Fastest In Final Practice
Full practice report can be read here 

Pos  Driver        Team                      Time              Laps
1. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:21.009 19
2. Heidfeld BMW Sauber (B) 1:21.408 + 0.399 23
3. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) 1:21.509 + 0.500 21
4. Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:21.655 + 0.646 20
5. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:21.800 + 0.791 23
6. Glock Toyota (B) 1:21.849 + 0.840 12
7. Massa Ferrari (B) 1:21.911 + 0.902 19
8. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) 1:21.935 + 0.926 19
9. Webber Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:21.936 + 0.927 16
10. Vettel Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:21.971 + 0.962 21
11. Kubica BMW Sauber (B) 1:22.076 + 1.067 20
12. Trulli Toyota (B) 1:22.097 + 1.088 25
13. Barrichello Brawn GP-Mercedes (B) 1:22.101 + 1.092 22
14. Piquet Renault (B) 1:22.210 + 1.201 17
15. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) 1:22.270 + 1.261 20
16. Alonso Renault (B) 1:22.274 + 1.265 19
17. Button Brawn GP-Mercedes (B) 1:22.312 + 1.303 22
18. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:22.391 + 1.382 20
19. Fisichella Force India-Mercedes (B) 1:22.684 + 1.675 23
20. Sutil Force India-Mercedes (B) 1:23.231 + 2.222 16

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.pngNews & Quotes:
Raikkonen remains hopeful for qualifying

Q&A with Kimi: Kimi Raikkonen’s mood seems to be on an upward swing. The car finally
seems to coming his way and the hot conditions in Budapest should suit
the F60 well. Whether it will be enough to get him on the podium come
Sunday he’s not sure, but any improvement on his recent results will be
most welcome…

Q: Kimi, at the last couple of races you haven’t been overly happy about your car but today seemed to be much better…
Kimi Raikkonen:

Yes, the car was not bad. There are little things still not so perfect
but I think we can improve that. I was very happy about how the car
handled. We’ve seen very tight times today so we have to wait and see
what I can do tomorrow – but definitely I am more happy today than the
last Friday at Nurburgring. We have to work hard for qualifying because
one tenth faster or slower can mean five or six places difference on
the grid and starting further in front on the grid is quite important
at this track.

Q: One of the very important issues here is the tyres. Do both types – the soft and super soft – work well for you?

Yes. This year the super soft have been quite tricky to use but we have
been focusing on that problem and have come up with a good solution.

Q: Today you’ve looked better than team mate Felipe Massa. Do you have the same feeling?
don’t know what they did with his car. As I said before I felt very
comfortable today and I am sure that Felipe’s crew will work hard to
get the best out of his car

Q: So would you count yourself
among those who will be towards the front of the grid after qualifying
given the times from today?
Well, that’s the same story
every race weekend: it’s very hard to make a prediction based on the
Friday times. Tomorrow afternoon we definitely know more. But I am
pretty confident to be able to do a good lap time.

Q: We
have seen in Istanbul that the temperature can have a big influence on
the performance of the car. Do you have a clear picture here which
temperature will be the best for your car?
Usually when
it is hot it is better for us as we had some issues this year getting
the tyres working. This weather conditions here should suit us.

Q: Today we’ve seen 19 cars within one second. Is this the picture that we will see all weekend?

In Budapest the times have always been very close, even in the past.
But probably we will see an even closer field than ever before.

This weekend there is a lot of talk about young drivers. When you came
into Formula One how much of a challenge was it, as you were also very
young and had little car experience?
I wasn’t as young as
they are now, but I had even less experience in a car race. But the
good thing when I came in was that I had a whole winter for testing and
to get accustomed to the car and the system. But today, with no testing
in the season and limited tests over the winter period, it is very
difficult for those guys to come in as the only way they can gain
experience is by racing. And even if one has little experience, when
asked to join a Formula One team nobody will say no, as there are no
other options than the ‘learning by doing’ model.

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.pngFree Practice 2 – Hamilton Quickest
Full practice report can be read here 

Pos  Driver       Team                       Time              Laps
1. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:22.079 36
2. Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:22.126 + 0.047 36
3. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) 1:22.154 + 0.075 47
4. Webber Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:22.369 + 0.290 29
5. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) 1:22.426 + 0.347 40
6. Vettel Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:22.550 + 0.471 30
7. Barrichello Brawn-Mercedes (B) 1:22.641 + 0.562 38
8. Trulli Toyota (B) 1:22.663 + 0.584 28
9. Heidfeld BMW-Sauber (B) 1:22.690 + 0.611 43
10. Glock Toyota (B) 1:22.751 + 0.672 45
11. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) 1:22.763 + 0.684 38
12. Alonso Renault (B) 1:22.793 + 0.714 37
13. Button Brawn-Mercedes (B) 1:22.806 + 0.727 42
14. Kubica BMW-Sauber (B) 1:22.870 + 0.791 36
15. Piquet Renault (B) 1:22.927 + 0.848 36
16. Sutil Force India-Mercedes (B) 1:22.978 + 0.899 28
17. Fisichella Force India-Mercedes (B) 1:23.029 + 0.950 39
18. Massa Ferrari (B) 1:23.156 + 1.077 32
19. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:23.176 + 1.097 45
20. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:23.942 + 1.863 40

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.pngNews & Quotes:
Vettel says rivals closer in Hungary
Massa laments ‘very difficult’ day
Hamilton dreaming of front row start
FIA: New F1 deal ready for next week

Ferrari Team Quotes –  Kimi Raikkonen: “Today, the car wasn’t that bad. There
are still some small things that we can work on to make it quicker, but
overall, I am reasonably happy. This year, the supersoft tyre has
always been very difficult to manage, but here it seems the situation
is rather more straightforward. We’ll see what we can manage tomorrow,
but this is definitely a better Friday than those in the recent past.
Seeing how close the times are, we will have to try and do the maximum
to get a good grid position. It seems to me that the performance level
of the various cars at this track is much closer one to the other.”

Chris Dyer: “A very busy Friday for the team, both
because we worked in a slightly different way to usual and because we
had to solve a few problems on the rear suspension, linked to some off
track excursions. Furthermore, we did the usual job of comparing the
two types of tyre brought here by Bridgestone and it’s clear we are
struggling a bit, as indeed we usually do, in terms of doing a time on
the first flying lap, especially on the harder tyre. From what we could
see in today’s three hours of practice, everyone is very evenly matched
and we will have to do our utmost to get a good qualifying result,
which here more than at some other tracks, is very important in terms
of the outcome of the race.”

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.pngFree Practice 1 – Kovalainen Leads First Session
Full practice report can be read here 

Pos  Driver       Team                       Time              Laps
1. Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:22.278 21
2. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) 1:22.337 + 0.059 27
3. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:22.554 + 0.276 20
4. Webber Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:22.615 + 0.337 21
5. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) 1:22.619 + 0.341 25
6. Trulli Toyota (B) 1:22.705 + 0.427 17
7. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) 1:22.796 + 0.518 23
8. Massa Ferrari (B) 1:22.855 + 0.577 25
9. Alonso Renault (B) 1:23.001 + 0.723 28
10. Button Brawn-Mercedes (B) 1:23.130 + 0.852 25
11. Kubica BMW-Sauber (B) 1:23.146 + 0.868 24
12. Heidfeld BMW-Sauber (B) 1:23.154 + 0.876 23
13. Barrichello Brawn-Mercedes (B) 1:23.209 + 0.931 24
14. Glock Toyota (B) 1:23.234 + 0.956 30
15. Vettel Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:23.283 + 1.005 25
16. Fisichella Force India-Mercedes (B) 1:23.484 + 1.206 20
17. Piquet Renault (B) 1:23.678 + 1.400 22
18. Sutil Force India-Mercedes (B) 1:23.845 + 1.567 18
19. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:23.998 + 1.720 37
20. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:24.228 + 1.950 42

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.pngNews & Quotes:
Raikkonen: Hungary is big opportunity
Thursday’s press conference
Hamilton cautious on victory talk

Yesterday after the autograph signing session at the circuit, Kimi arrived to the local Tag Heuer store for his PR duties:

9 thoughts on “2009 Grand Prix of Hungary, Practice Sessions 1, 2 & 3

  1. Woo! That isn’t too bad for a first practice session! I am so happy to see Kimi in front of Massa- even though it counts for nothing at this stage lol


  2. Yeah exactly not bad at all, i’m happy too to see Kimi in front of Massa and also great job by Heikki he’s been under lots of pressure lately just like Kimi.hopefully things will turn around for both Finns and they both start having better results-fingers crossed! it would be great if Kimi wins this weekend with Heikki and Sebastien with him on the podium 😀


  3. Hope he shows to everyone (Massa and Ferrari) that he is still the best driver around


  4. Exactly, Rudhi!I’m looking forward to Sunday…


  5. Hahaha so happy to see Massa screw up his practice session he looked so miserableI guess Kimi’s result was ok but it doesn’t look like Ferrari’s gonna have as good results as in Monaco, maybe it’s McLaren’s turn this time around but then who knows things might change tomorrow in both practice and qualifying – plus the two Ferraris usually have better positions in qual. than in practice.i’m confident kimi can have a good grid position if everything works out well, so good luck for him but not for felipe baby hope he’ll get knocked out from Q1


  6. @Kiki-I’d loved to see Kimi wins with his best buddies in F1. Kimi, Heikki and Sebastian, hmm…a perfect moment and I bet that they will be congratulating each other and Kimi will sure write this in his post-GP notes . Finger crossed for that.Also happy that Kimi is in front of Massa, he’s definitely a better driver than "the baby". I can’t wait for Sunday. Good luck Kimi…Keep flying!


  7. Hi to everyone, it seems that Kimi had a pretty good pace throughout practice 2 but today’s qualification will be extremely important so that he can have a good race tomorrow. Hope you’re right Kiki, Felipe must be knocked out from Q1, he must not forget that Kimi is a WORLD CHAMPION. lol.


  8. All can be done this week end! i feel that is a good chance for him to be on the podium and even on the top of it!!Keep pushing and flying Kimi!!


  9. i’m hoping both ferraris manage to q3 and kimi will outqualify felipe;D


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