Kimi’s Column – Brazil GP Review

Ferrari version from | Finnish Translation by Nicole
So it was a season like that. The last race pretty much symbolized it.

We got close but did not get the best result. The car was so good that
we could have taken the first 2 places in the race. It wasn’t perfect,
but it was good to drive in the end. It just wasn’t worth taking risks
at that point.

The most important thing in Brazil was that we did more or less what we
went there to do and won the WCC for the team. It’s a big thing for
everyone who is related to Ferrari – the staff, the sponsors and
especially Stefano who lead the team for the first year.

And it is a small victory for me too. This was a tough year. It feels great that we got the WCC after what happened.

My championship hopes were already packed in a box after Spa and Monza.
After that I only tried to score points for the team and build a
foundation from which it is good to go to next winter and next season.

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton. He scored most points this year
and whoever can do that, deserves the Championship. The race ain’t over
until everybody has crossed the finishing line. I’m sorry for Felipe.
Last year the situation was kind of like this and it turned out in my
favour. Now it went the other way around.

I’m sure that this was a season fans will remember for a long time.
Motor-racing has what many other sports would need. You never know what
is going to happen in the race.

We have a party with the fans this weekend in Mugello. We drive and
have fun. After that this season is over and we get to go on vacation.

The season wasn’t what we wanted it to be although it started
pretty well. Then too many bad things happened and even though others
made mistakes too, we made too many and we couldn’t recover from them.
We paid for our mistakes more than the others and the WDC went that

But it’s an old thing already. Next year we try again and try to do
everything better. The rules change and it makes everything even more
interesting than before. It feels good when you are at a situation like
this in Ferrari.

When the rules change, this team usually is in a strong position. We will wait and see what we accomplish next year. Kimi sure does know how to feel good and positive even after a difficult year for him and the team. That’s exactly what Ferrari need, and Kimi’s sounding more and more like a true leader. He doesn’t try or want to be, but he just wants to do his best and always has good attitude even in the toughest of times. [updated 17.58 GMT] The Finnish translated column is posted above!

2 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column – Brazil GP Review

  1. There´s nothing to add really, the season is finally over and now our Iceman can relax a bit and get ready for that intensive testing program. I hope we get to see pics form the party in Mugello!!!Keep flying Kimi!!!


  2. Season is finally over. I hope Kimi will come back next year. I can’t believe that hamilton is champion. I read your text and is really great, write more you are really great.P.S. sorry about my spelling, I’m don’t know english very good.Keep flying Kimi!!!


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