Kimi’s Column: Brazil GP Preview


[Finnish Translation by Neverjoyce]

The last race of the season means you have last chance to race for a
while. Racing driver loves to race so I put my helmet on and go for it.

Our goal is the victory. That would give me better feelings
towards next winter and for upcoming season. This season gave me
nothing to recall.We are going to analyse everything and then improve
those things what went wrong.

But first we have to deal with the last race. Its fine that we are
racing in Brazil as there always happens a lot. We are not going to
make big warplans , we are just adjusting to situations that might come
towards to us but we are shooting heavy.

We are forced to take the victory and our goal is 1-2 for ferrari
as we are fighting for two championships. One we are leading and
another we are "baking" for Felipe.It would be cool if we could
celebrate as a winners at the Brazil banquet. Every team wants the WCC
but to ferrari its even more important because of its traditions. I
would feel great if I can help them to achieve those goals.

After China I relaxed a bit and went to check out Anton Alens
rallying in Switzerland. There is no need to charge the batteries for
Brazil. It comes naturally.

I will never forget last years race.There is a warm spot in my
heart for Brazil. It was nice to win that race and the WDC. Thats the
biggest moment in every racing drivers career.

Ferrari is always quick at Brazil and I hope we find our speed
starting from the first practise. Brazil has been a good place for me
but I were not able to get the first place until last year. That made
up those I missed.

The season is almost over but I am still seeking for the right set
up. We have been close in the last two races, the feeling in the car is
good but it could be even better. In Q3 you have to have a car with you
can go flat out to corners. There is this tiny difference in your
selfconfidence when you notice that you can throw your car into curves.

As been said many times this isnt what we wanted. It all went well
when we were leading but its amazing how fast everything vanished.
Sometimes it went better and then everything went worse. This year has
been very long and hard. You just wait for the break. Now I have to
charge my batteries well because there is much work to do in winter.
Rules are changing and its exiting to see how much its going to affect
on F1 and we are going to test already before this year ends.

I will lose the WDC but I want it back right away!  This is the final Kimi column we’ll see for this year, unless there’s a Brazil review too, but I’m missing him already! Let’s hope he can end this 2008 season with a smile on Sunday. The picture above is actually from Australia in March this year: who would have known what was lying ahead for Kimi after becoming world champion? Keep flying Kimi!

2 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: Brazil GP Preview

  1. Sweet words!!! As usual he´s not feeling bad or anything, and is focused on helping the team, that´s just great.! I think he wants to help win WCC more than anything; and I´m glad to hear he enjoys going to the Ferrari World Finals….as he said, they´d be better with the title.Keep flying Kimi – Keep flying Evenstar!!!(p.s: did you receive my summary?) :p


  2. Ah Kimi, sure you deserve a break with this incredible year!
    we believe in you and your skill, and don’t wait for the break but yet for next year!!!! coz it will be a very long winter for us but we know you will be very busy! and that’s encouraging!
    it’s a strange feeling now, near the end…
    so i just hope for a beautiful last race,
     from our Kimi of course!!!


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