F1Racing Mag: The Iceman Speaks

I was really excited to see this issue arrive. It has two articles on Kimi, one written by James Roberts during the pre-season testing and the other by Andrew Benson ‘investigating’ whether ‘Kimi is a true great’. Needless to say, the latter is no question for me. He is an F1 great because at the end of the day, he is the fastest of them all in my humble opinion. For me, it’s as simple as this – Pinnacle of motorsport; Formula 1. Pinnacle of speed?; Kimi Raikkonen.

Roberts’ feature was enjoyable as it interviews Kimi and reveals some funny things like new Ferrari team principle Arrivabene finding Kimi on the floor and not sure why! But there was a point to it and no alcohol was involved; Kimi was watching the SF15T being worked on. A happy sounding Kimi made this interview a pleasure to read.

The second feature by Benson was poorly written for an F1 magazine charging £5 per issue. Disappointed in F1 Racing for not having another writer to do this feature such as Peter Windsor (who knows what he’s talking about and hasn’t got his head up Alonso’s butt!). But if you want to waste 10 minutes reading it as I wasted scanning it, go ahead.

Evenstar x

F1 Mastermind: Quiz yourself on Kimi’s career


I haven’t actually quizzed myself in a long time regarding Kimi’s career, so I gave it go on the camera 🙂 No cheating either! How did you do?

2 thoughts on “F1Racing Mag: The Iceman Speaks

  1. Q11 – where did Kimi win his first race with Lotus in 2012? Correct Answer is Abu Dhabi.
    Bahrain is incorrect.


  2. Way to go Benson, base you so called investigation on DC, common DC won’t be more biased against Kimi if kimi would have stolen his girlfriend (maybe he did, I don’t know). Anyway what about pull rod suspension which let’s face it was Alonso’s request and it’s horrible, no wonder it was used and discarded before not to mention exactly what would hurt Kimi the most. Why Alonso asked for massa instead of kimi for 2009, because he needed a lacky not to become one, so Santander came up with the money and everyone was happy, Alonso got his bitch, the bitch remained relevant, or so he thought and Kimi got his money. I could go on but what kind of “investigation” doesn’t touch those things, o yes I remember the same people who couldn’t put together a quiz, thanks for the scans saved me the money, great job


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