Kimi: It was a difficult year in many areas


Kimi Raikkonen says there are “many reasons” why Fernando Alonso had the better of him at Ferrari this season.

Alonso comfortably beat his team-mate in 2014, finishing the year with 161 points to Raikkonen’s 55 and scoring both of the podiums Ferrari managed. With Alonso having finished with a 16-3 qualifying record as well, Raikkonen conceded it had been a tough season and said he struggled with the F14 T more than his team-mate.

“There are many reasons [for finishing so far behind Alonso], but the end result is always the same,” Raikkonen told Top Gear. “It was a difficult year in many areas, and like I said if you’re fighting for anything less than the championship it’s not a very good year. As a team we had a very bad year.

“Myself… I was struggling more, but there’s no point to go into the details too much. Obviously we have to work hard in the coming years to improve and put Ferrari at the front where it should be.”

And Raikkonen acknowledged that there is a big task ahead for both himself and the team to have a more competitive 2015 season.

“It’s been a difficult year for the team. As Ferrari, we expect to be at the front, winning races and fighting for championships.

“We were pretty far away from that this year, so there’s an awful lot of work to be done.”

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