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Kimi: I believe 100% in Ferrari

After the last race, Kimi Raikkonen stated he felt he and the team had turned a corner in how he felt at the wheel of the F14 T and today, in his regular press meeting, in the Suzuka paddock, the Ferrari man elaborated on that topic. “We have improved race by race and my feeling has improved, but it’s hard to be very specific about just why I felt better,” began the Finn. “In Singapore, we had some new parts and they helped, when combined with the tyres we were using and the characteristics of the circuit. It was probably the best feeling I’ve had from the car all year. It felt kind of easy to drive again. Once you get that, everything gets much easier and hopefully we keep going in this direction, with that improvement showing itself under all conditions.”

Kimi was equally positive when it came to looking ahead past the end of this season. “We have a good group of people at the factory and they have changed certain things to ensure that the mistakes which happened in the past years won’t happen anymore,” he said. “I believe a hundred percent in the people at Ferrari and the fact that we can turn it around and put the team where it should be, at the front of the field. As for myself, I have a contract and therefore no worries about my future.”

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Kimi: driving style is not the issue

Kimi Raikkonen does not see the need to change his driving style to suit the Ferrari F14 T when the team still has issues with the car to resolve.

Raikkonen’s first season back at Ferrari since 2009 has been a challenging one, though there have been marked signs of improvement since the summer break. In Singapore Raikkonen said the Ferrari felt better than it had all season, but he is adamant there is nothing he needs to change from a personal standpoint to improve his results further.

“No, I don’t see the point of me changing my driving style,” Raikkonen said when asked if he had considered changing it to suit the Ferrari. “I couldn’t drive differently any faster. The issue is not with how I drive but how we fix the issue, then we will have a good result.

“I can drive around some issues but I hope we can fix the main issue and drive as I always do. I’ve been driving in Formula One for quite a few years and have never changed it and will never change it. It’s not the right way of fixing the problems.”

But Raikkonen believes patience will continue to be the key for Ferrari, both for the end of 2014 and with the work being done for 2015.

“I think we knew from the beginning certain things would take time, certain things cannot be changed in certain cars. There a lot of small things that, when you put them together, make a big difference. It’s not one major thing that you change out of the blue.

“We have improved race by race and made some steps, got better feelings, some new parts to help with that. The tyres, in those conditions, was the best feeling there has been. It became easier to drive again and once you get that feeling it becomes much easier – you don’t have to guess what’s going to happen every corner or fight with the car.”

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