Kimi attends Shell event in Montreal

It was an interesting afternoon in Montreal for Kimi Raikkonen who made a special three-dimensional journey thanks to Scuderia Ferrari sponsor Shell. With the help of a special pair of glasses he was transported to the inside of a road car’s six-cylinder engine.

The 3D glasses allowed Kimi to immerse himself in a drop of V-Power fuel and to see how far petrol technology has evolved in recent years thanks to motor sport. After all Formula 1 has always been the home of the most advanced research and it has often been considered the final test bench before top products are put into the marketplace.

Kimi, who enjoyed this new experience, admitted that fuel technology was still an area that was not easy for him to understand: ‘But I realise that this is a field that requires a very high level of professionalism, just as with the engineers and drivers in Formula 1. I have a great admiration for the work that Shell carries out both for and alongside Ferrari and I have the utmost faith in the people who work on developing the fuels and oils that we use.”

Raikkonen finished with a word on the Canadian Grand Prix: ‘The Montreal track is easy only in appearance. I believe the preparation for Sunday’s results will start on Friday and I hope the evolutions we have brought will confirm they work on the track. Obviously our target for the race is a good result after a start to the season that has been hard, especially for me. But we will have to see how our improvements compare to those of our opponents who certainly haven’t stopped work over the last few days. From Friday we will know more.”


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