Milestones and benchmarks


If something, it’s nice to remember that my 200th Grand Prix was raced in Montreal. Obviously, it is always nice to visit this city – with or without any celebrational race number. For me this weekend means business as usual. I would love to finish the race entering the podium, but to achieve that, we would need more luck than we have had during this first part of the season. Just before the season started, I found out, I’m to be the oldest driver in the grid. Now I will then go to my 200th Grand Prix. I was asked what this kind of milestone means for me. Obviously it shows, how time really flies. While racing flat out like always, I must say, it doesn’t change anything really. For sure, it¹s a milestone and I am sure, it is something I’ll look back with pride in years to come.

You don’t think about it until it happens. But time passes by very quickly and now I’m one of the more experienced drivers in F1 with 200 races under my belt. I’m here not just to make numbers, so getting a result with this race would give much more reason to celebrate.

Canada is one the most challenging places to go during the season. I have always liked the track, while it is so different compared to others. It’s one of those circuits, you really have to get it right with all the compromises in the set-up. We have some upgrades for Canada. So let’s see, if they improve things compared to the other F1 teams, who we know will not be standing still.

I feel the order will be pretty much same. Hopefully we will close the gap to the teams at the front.


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