Oakley Event: Kimi and his sunglasses…

BmtZitQIMAAaZso.jpg large_KRS

A gala evening was held in Barcelona tonight for the launch of the Ferrari and Oakley partnership. The event was held at the Barcelona Studios to launch the new collection of Scuderia Ferrari by Oakley glasses. Guests of honour were three Scuderia drivers, the Spanish test drivers Marc Gene and Pedro de la Rosa and the Finn Kimi Raikkonen.

Raikkonen was first asked about the importance of having a sense of detail when involved in a sport such as Formula 1. His response was thorough: “I think that details are vital. In F1 cars, just as with road cars, the attention to detail is essential and when it comes to this, Ferrari and Oakley share the ability to pay the closest attention to even the smallest component and that’s important.”

Kimi was then asked if he would consider using a visor with a heads-up display showing data and information so as not to have to take his eyes off the road, but he didn’t seem so convinced about this technology. “I would be interested to try it even if I’m not sure I’d use it. I’m a bit old school when it comes to driving. But maybe having just a few key pieces of information would work.”

The conversation then turned to sunglasses, a topic Kimi is particularly keen on. “I use them a lot because my eyes are sensitive to the light. Some people say I wear them so that others can’t look me in the eye,” he added with a smile. “And sometimes that’s true!”

(Source: ferrari.com)


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