The Barcelona Boost

The short break is over. We have had quite a busy time since the last race in China, but now it feels good to get back to racing again.

It’s always a nice boost for everybody, when we get back to Europe. Obviously, you don’t have to travel that much, as it’s only a short way from your home.

I’m not too happy with the results, but as usual, I just look at the next race, not at those we have had, while you cannot change them anymore.

All the time I have been working with my engineer trying to help improve things. But, as I have said earlier, it is not an overnight fix, while there have been certain issues with the front end of the car for my style of driving. We feel that step by step it should be getting where we want it to be.

This is the first time we will go to Barcelona without any pre-season testing at the circuit with the new cars. But as drivers, we know what to expect as there have already been those four races this season.

However, there will be a difference as we now have less downforce with these cars compared to previous years, so certain corners will feel different. We also now have much more torque from the engine.

The team has worked extremely hard to get the car better. Now we will have some interesting running to do on Friday to find out how new things work at the circuit. Let’s hope we will get a clean and good weekend.


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