Kimi: It’s good to be back at work

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Today, Kimi Raikkonen embarked on his first week’s work since starting his second career stint in red.

The Finn arrived in Maranello this morning and will spend three days with the engineers and in the simulator.

“It’s good to be back at work,” Kimi told during a break in proceedings. “I began by getting used to all the new systems and procedures that we will use this year. From this point of view, the simulator is really very useful. It’s true there’s lots to do, but the workload is not much different to what it was in the past.

“For me, these days in Maranello are also an opportunity to be with the team and spend a bit more time with my many friends here.”

Kimi will stay in Maranello until Wednesday this week, proving that the Finn is keen to renew his relationship with the team that was his home from 2007 to 2009 as quickly as possible.

5 thoughts on “Kimi: It’s good to be back at work

  1. Can’t wait!


  2. Sort of suspicious/curious of his sudden change of heart regarding the simulator actually.


    1. Remember: Ferrari’s PR is the worst when it comes to speaking for the drivers, I doubt Kimi actually said those exact words regarding the simulator lol.


    2. Nothing suspicious. It does points out the usefulness of getting to know the procedures, such as different modes and options on the steering wheel, launch sequences etc..

      Don’t think any driver on the grid would correlate their driving skills to amount of hours they spent in simulator, not just Kimi.


  3. Just saying: I want a Ferrari cap marked number Seven.


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