Kimi disappointed to be unable to drive

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“I am disappointed because I can’t drive the last two races and fight for the a place in top 3 for the second time in a row – and to help Lotus in the constructors championship. I would have liked to end the season properly, but the pain is just so bad that I can’t even think about getting into a car,” Räikkönen told TS.

“The best solution was to have the surgery immediately so that the problem can be removed as fast as possible. With this schedule I can also make sure that I’m in best shape for next year.

2 thoughts on “Kimi disappointed to be unable to drive

  1. Back pain can be very debilitating if not treated. And an F1 car is not the ideal place to be when experiencing severe back pain; suspension and setup is just too rigid anyway. Obviously from that point of view Kimi took the hard decision to go ahead with surgery rather than risk further injury by racing in the last two events on the calendar.

    Good luck, Kimi. All the best for Thursday ;-). Ciao until next year!


  2. What an amazing video I already watched it like 20 times..amazing edit and soundtrack…
    Will miss him in the last 2 races..not that excited for this race like i always be when Kimi os racing…good luck kimi..hope to see u in ferrari and as the 2014 world Champion:)


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