Kimi: I still want to win races this year

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Kimi Raikkonen insists his motivation has not waned since he signed a contract to move from Lotus to Ferrari next year.

Ferrari and Raikkonen announced the deal after the Italian Grand Prix and since then he has struggled for form in qualifying, starting no higher than ninth at the last three races. His performances on Sunday, however, have been in line with his form earlier in the season and he insists the Ferrari deal has made no difference to his approach.

“I think that never changes, it has been the same since the start of the year,” he said. “The fact I’m changing teams for next year doesn’t change a thing for me, I still want to win races this year. I’m not interested in just driving around without pushing, I want to do always my best, so what happens next year doesn’t interest me for now.”

He added that he would not turn up to races if his heart was not in it.

“I always said that if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t come to the next race. I’m happy to walk away when I feel like it and I have no reason to do something that I am not enjoying. For sure there are a lot of things I am not a big fan of but at least so far the racing makes up for it. I’m happy with the way things are going and hopefully in the future it will be even better.”

5 thoughts on “Kimi: I still want to win races this year

  1. Last year in India, Kimi had very fast race car but was stuck in traffic. Hope he gets top 5 in quali, then win is very possible!


    1. Nothing like Watching Kimi win in India!


  2. Very Best Wishes to You, KIMI! BE HAPPY – we love You!!!!!!!


  3. Quali pace not good enough, and that is the problem. You wanna race like V you have to imitate V. Doubtful he will win races this year with L

    Next year? With no input? And Fernando there too? BIG QUESTION MARK


  4. Indeed Leonardo, quali pace has got worse lately but i still have hopes Kimi turns it around. Lotus’ strategy is also questionable during quali, i’m sure smething can be improved. For example in Korea n Suzuka they snt Kimi early on track with harder cmpounds in Q1, but with the laptime not sufficient, Kimi had to go for a 2nd rum with medium. So already two sets used. So maybe it would have been wiser to send Kimi on track late in the session with the hard tyres and i’m sure a 12th time is with reach. So one medium cmpound saved. Then in Q2,only one run with medium and finally two runs with medium in Q3, Kimi has done only 1 run in Q3 in the last 2 GP. This will be undoubtedly help Kimi to pull out a much better quali i think.


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