Lotus holds the key to Raikkonen’s future

| Source: autosport.com |

2012 Spanish Grand Prix - Sunday

Kimi Raikkonen will commit to a fresh deal at Lotus if the team provides him with the assurances he is seeking about its future, AUTOSPORT has learned.

After a wave of speculation this week linking the Finn with Ferrari in the wake of talks with Red Bull coming to an end, it is understood that Raikkonen’s priority is actually to stay put for 2014.

The former world champion is relishing his place at the team and the way it is working for him, but wants to know it can keep its current status as one of the top teams.

Rather than be actively chasing a move to Ferrari as some have suggested, Raikkonen is in fact waiting on Lotus to deliver him the guarantees he wants about its future financial and technical platforms.

If the team can do that then Raikkonen will agree to a fresh deal.

Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson said Lotus was well aware of the situation, and knows what it needs to do in order to retain the Finn.

“Lotus holds the key to Raikkonen’s future,” Robertson told AUTOSPORT.

“If the team can provide him with the answers he is seeking, which will ensure he has a car that can fight for race wins and the championship, then he will stay.”

Lotus is equally eager to keep Raikkonen, but team boss Eric Boullier has made it clear that it is important any deal works for both the Enstone-based outfit and its star driver.

Although Ferrari is Raikkonen’s best alternative if Lotus cannot provide him with what he wants, the Maranello-based team has not yet put serious thought to its 2014 line-up.

There is also the chance that there will be no vacancy there anyway if Felipe Massa can deliver strong results after the summer break.

Raikkonen is prepared to give Lotus more time to shore up its future plans anyway, meaning that it is too premature for him to seriously consider a fallback option.

3 thoughts on “Lotus holds the key to Raikkonen’s future

  1. KL Wong aka CivicClan August 21, 2013 — 4:04 pm

    Can Lotus be a serious contender for 2014? Only time will tell.


  2. I hope, Lotus knows, thank whom in big part they are where they are at the moment…….Now they have to show, are they able to do everything to keep the best driver in Lotus-team.
    I hope!!


  3. After following most of the news, I think this is how the plot is being played so far.
    Smart move by Steve R in playing the media card especially in getting a response from red bull and at the same time ferrari. Opening both channels simultaneously, I think this pyschological war will keep on going.I’m happy that lotus isn’t pressuring tim kimi with a potential new driver, it shows that they really want kimi to stay.
    Kimi is right in allowing his manager to roam freely in the media…..steve is key to kimi’s future


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