Video: What’s next for Kimi?

A clip of Kimi’s manager Steve Robertson speaking to the Iceman in the Hungarian paddock. Judging by the clear body language, it seems strong words of advice are still being passed to Kimi. Best of luck to Kimi for 2014 – whatever he chooses to do!

7 thoughts on “Video: What’s next for Kimi?

  1. It must be kinda difficult at times to be Kimi’s manager. Guess he’s strongly in favour of Kimi switching to R.Bull. Its only after a couple of races into the 2014 season that we’ll knw whether Kimi has made the right choice. Can’t be a disaster to stay in Lotus though. Nonetheless as Iceman fan, we’re all used to see Kimi fight for victory or podium (at least) in every race, no matter for which team Kimi’s driving it will be awesome that he has a decent shot to claim a second a WC. The 2007 feeling in Interlagos is quite missing. Being a massive Arsenal fan hasn’t help at all Lol


    1. No risk no gain. So time we just worry too much leaving the comfort zone. No matter what is the decision it is always a gamble. Good luck Kimi, u deserve for a more smooth & successful F1 career. All the best!


  2. KL Wong aka CivicClan July 31, 2013 — 8:54 am

    Now Ferrari joins the party with RedBull and Lotus. Guess that will piss Fernando off. HAHA. Ferrari is not stupid. They end Kimi’s contract earlier in 2009 to make way for Alonso. 4th year with Ferrari and Alonso still has no Championship with prancing horse. 3 years with Ferrari, Kimi had a driver and constructor championship. Do the math ppl.

    So proud of Kimi. From the bottom of my heart. Personally, I would love Kimi to stay in Lotus IF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lotus can hv a competitive car. If not, RBR. Don’t go back to Ferrari.


    1. For me i wld prefer he Red Bull (the top team). This is what Kimi said in 2009 when he is leaving F1. Lotus is great place for Kimi with less pressure. But if think of Championship chance, Red Bull is higher. No doubt Kimi’s work life w b tougher for sure. But this might b the only chance…so i wish Kimi to take the challenge. Coz i believe he is not going to race in F1 many years more. For sure it is a NO X 10000) to Ferrari. I HATE Ferrari team since 2009. They dont deserve any title in F1. Anyway it w b Kimi’s choice.


  3. KL Wong aka CivicClan August 1, 2013 — 1:37 am

    Seconded on the Ferrari part yuss. And yeah, Kimi won’t be in F1 for long. Maybe another 3 years more? Who knows. Max 5 yrs. Life will be different without Kimi in F1.


  4. I prefer not to imagine F1 without him, to be optimistic i’ll say he’ll be in F1 for the nxt 3 yrs max even if i think he has fully the level to continue in his forties. Hope he’s not going to sign his last contract in F1 soon.


    1. F1 without Kimi will be like The Rolling Stones with out Mick, or like strawberries without cream – or champagne. It just doesn’t sound right. Unfortunately, that’s what age does to all of us at some point.

      BUT we must see the positive in all this, and note that the way this boy is driving right now – in 2013 in a rather unpredictable car with an even more unpredictable pay cheque – he could certainly be racing into his forties. And he is in great demand too.

      Indeed, F1 without Kimi will be much like watching paint dry. But that’s still 10 years to go 😉


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