Sunday in Hungary: “We will keep fighting till the end”

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After taking his sixth podium of the season with second position from sixth on the grid our Iceman explains what it was like in the heat of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Q: How was that race?

KR: It was a good race and a good result for the team. The strategy worked well. We did two long stints on the tyres but they weren’t too bad and the car felt strong so it allowed us to make one less stop. In the last few laps the rears were a bit on edge for the rear tyres, but apart from that it was okay.

Q: How happy are you with your strategy?

KR: We finished in second place after a difficult start to our weekend so I think we’ve made the best out of it. I wasn’t in the best position after qualifying so the only way to gain places was to make a two-stop work. We started with the plan for a three-stop, but the car felt good so we could make one fewer. In the last couple of laps I struggled a little more with the tyres, but Sebastian could only once get a run on me. When you run 15 laps more on a set of tyres than your rivals you will suffer at some point. It worked out for us here today.

Q: What do you take away from Hungary and into the summer break?

KR: The main positive is that we gained a few points to Seb in the Championship. For sure we could have maybe closed the gap a little more with a win, but anything we can get back will help. We’re only halfway through the season and it will be hard to catch up, but anything can still happen so we’ll keep fighting until the end.

5 thoughts on “Sunday in Hungary: “We will keep fighting till the end”

  1. Quite frustrating first part of season, it starts brillantly but with a bit of luck and good qualifying pace Kimi would have been only a few points adrift Vettel. On the other hand Vettel was unlucky in Silverstone. The positive thing is that the development of the E21 is very satisfactory, a shame that Allison left the boat for ferrari, he can’t be blame neither. Some great drive from Kimi in that first half, he was flawless on Sundays, certainly the best but races are also won on Saturdays. Hopefully we’ll see The Iceman starts more from the first two rows as from Spa. Some bad calls also cost some points, so the guys in team knows where are the areas to improve. If the team can fix these issues we can expect some very good results till Brazil. The weather will play a key role though, there hasn’t been a race on wet track except the opening laps in Malaysia, and i’m not expecting a season without at least a race on the wet. The decision of Kimi concerning 2014 will no doubt play a role for the remaining of the season, guess it won’t be that positive if he is to leave the team.


  2. There is a saying that “race weight is 68” because that is how many kilos the top drivers are. Have you ever wondered how to get there? This article showed me how


  3. Hey Evenstar, I’m going to Belgium in just a little 2 weeks’ time. Yet to get the Bronze ticket though.. Will be waving my Kimi flag so if you see me, say hello! It’ll be my first time to the track. Looking forward to exploring the circuit for best vantage point. Anyone else going to Spa ?


    1. I’m currently organising my trip – bit late but I’m desperate to go and I thought my family would help but it’s just me on my own so it’s taking a while lol I’ll definitely let you know if I’ll be there and I want to meet as many of you guys as possible!


      1. Sure hope you make it. I’ll be travelling with my brother and work mate. If you end up on your own, let us know. We will be commuting from Brussels though… Kimi on the podium will make it all worthwhile!


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