Saturday in Malaysia: “You never know what will happen in the race”

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Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Malaysian Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Sepang, Malaysia

Hampered by the rain and demoted by a penalty, it seems Kimi’s luck was out today in Malaysia. But, if anyone who knows how to mount a comeback, it’s the Iceman…

Q: How was qualifying for you?

KR: The car felt okay in the dry but then it started to rain which wasn’t what we wanted. We seem to lack grip on the intermediate tyres and they were what we used for the final session so it wasn’t possible to go any faster. We wanted more from today but tomorrow is what counts.

Q: What is it about the wet weather performance that hasn’t quite clicked yet?

KR: We still have similar issues to those we experienced last year in the wet and it’s to do with getting the tyres working correctly. The team are working on a solution, but we don’t have it where we want it yet so we weren’t as quick when it rained as we were in the dry. When it gets wet it gets more fun, just not so fast….

Q: There’s more rain forecast for the race tomorrow…

KR: We’ll see how the weather is and take it from there. If it’s mixed up then we have to try to make the right decisions at the right time. It’s the same for everybody.

Q: You’ll be starting tenth after a meeting with the stewards; what do you think is possible from there?

KR: It’s a shame to lose the three places but it is what it is. You never know what will happen in the race – especially here – so we’ll do our best and let’s hope we have the speed to get on the podium.

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