Lotus keen for new contract talks with Kimi

| Source: yallaf1.com |


Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez has left the door open for a new deal with Melbourne winner and current F1 championship leader Kimi Raikkonen.

Finn Raikkonen, who became the first winner of the 2013 season in Australia last weekend, is not saying if he wants to extend his contract beyond the end of the year.

“Let’s wait and see,” the famously phlegmatic 33-year-old said.

Luxembourger Lopez admitted he will stage talks with Raikkonen – who according to many is fitter and happier at Lotus than ever before in his Formula 1 career – when the time is right.

“We have a very easy relationship with Kimi,” Lopez told Turun Sanomat newspaper.

“At the moment everything is perfect, so of course we will discuss how to proceed. I don’t think it’s so much about negotiations, but how we decide to continue the adventure together,” he added.

Raikkonen is, however, very expensive for a team without the biggest budget in pitlane, as the original contract negotiated includes healthy bonuses for points.

Last year, his 207 points reportedly earned him millions on top of his retainer.

“But these points are good for both sides – team and driver,” insisted Lopez.

“We are living in exciting times. We knew before the first race that we are better than last season, but we didn’t know exactly what the others had done over the winter. We talk about tyres, but Kimi’s performance (in Australia) was brilliant.”

4 thoughts on “Lotus keen for new contract talks with Kimi

  1. Gerard’s right, it’s not about the tyres, but Kimi’s style of driving which suits the tyres best. Lindström said it in the rally too, Kimi was so smooth on tarmac. Grosjean has not been so fast yet, and he drives the Lotus too. It’ll be very interesting race tomorrow, can’t wait. =)


    1. It’s not much style, but rather type of driver. There are only few of those on the grid this season.


  2. Not a good drive today Kimi


  3. Ur way too hard Leonardo, the race was ruined since the penalty in qualifying and the race was lost when it rained before the start. Kimi was some 20-25sec behind the leaders after 5 laps. Vettel was even in front of Kimi when he did his 1st pit stop. Shame on Vettel by the way, Mark is a good and honest guy,he didnt deserve that.


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