Lotus to kick start 2013 car launches

Source: autosport.com

Lotus has chosen to launch its 2013 Formula 1 car, the E21, online.

The new car will be unveiled via the Lotus YouTube channel at 19.15 UK time on Monday January 28. You can listen to the E21 being started for the first time.

The event will also be broadcast live on Sky Sports News HD in the UK.

Lotus’s choice of date means it will be the first F1 team to take the wraps off a 2013 car, as its unveiling takes place three days before McLaren’s.

The team has retained Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean for this season after taking a big step forward in performance during 2012.

2013 pre-season dates

Car launches

lotus-e21-previewTeam          Date 
Lotus         January 28 
McLaren       January 31 
Ferrari       February 1 
Force India   February 1 
Sauber        February 2 
Red Bull      February 3 
Mercedes      February 4 
Toro Rosso    February 4 
Caterham      February 5
Williams      February 19

Venue         Date 
Jerez         5-8 February 
Barcelona     19-22 February 
Barcelona     28 February-3 March

Jerez test line-up

Team          February 5     February 6     February 7     February 8
Lotus           Grosjean       Grosjean       Raikkonen      Raikkonen

2 thoughts on “Lotus to kick start 2013 car launches

  1. Will Kimi be there? I will definitely watch it live online!


  2. Yes, he is going to be there, too, exactly like last year. One big question is will they present slightly modified repainted E20 or the real E21.


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