Friday in Brazil: Kimi aiming to end season on a high


A difficult start to the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend for Kimi today, but the Iceman is not about to close off the 2012 season quietly…

Q: Kimi, how was your opening day here in Brazil ?

KR: We had an issue with the ignition coil in the morning and unfortunately it took a while to fix so we lost some track time. When we did get out the car was sliding a lot which made it very tricky so it wasn’t the best start.

Q: What about the afternoon session ?

KR: It was quite normal for us ; not so easy but we tried quite a few different things with the setup and it got better towards the end. We always manage to find something better on Saturday and I’m sure tomorrow will be the same so it’s not a big deal.

Q: You won the World Championship here in 2007 ; does this place have a special meaning to you ?

KR: A Championship is won over the whole year, not just at one race, but for sure I have good memories at this track. It’s always nice to come here as it’s the last race of the season so the atmosphere is really good with all the teams looking forward to a break. Hopefully we can have a good weekend to send the guys off for a well-earned rest.

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