Video: Japan GP – Kimi’s lightning reaction

This deserves a whole new post! We didn’t see it live during the race but thankfully Anthony Davidson goes through the moment in detail, where Kimi and Lewis Hamilton came wheel to wheel, and the Iceman shows how to race hard but fair. An example of spatial awareness and reaction in combat. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Video: Japan GP – Kimi’s lightning reaction

  1. Kimi is brilliant, always has been.

    Such a pity then that his raw talent is wasted in such a mediocre team!


  2. OMG..he is the fastest driver. I could not see his steering movement until slow motion.


  3. although he is with mediocre team, but we should be happy that he makes a comeback to f1 at least.. if not, we will never see kimi this year 🙂


  4. Alonso dirty driver


  5. They say Alonso is smart, never gets himself in trouble…They say Alonso is good point collector…FORGET THAT!Kimi is the definition of DRIVER’s skills.He should get party-time job to teach others, make tutorials about situations like that.


    1. He does’t care about others 😉 …. rightly said …..
      Start incident was the display of Alonso’s evil skills to disrupt kimi’s attack on him … kimi was already 80% side-by-side as per footage…But Alonso moved further left to push kimi on the grass and more importantly it was by purpose…But he paid the price…I should say kimi suffered with front wing damage bec of alonso…kimi’s skills were exceptional…i could see old kimi back when he did not allow faster sauber(of perez) to overtake him…..
      Even though Lotus is providing him with a dog car at the moment…I am very happy to see old Kimi back…


  6. I always like it when they show the race from Kimi’s above camera (don’t know what they call it). I can watch his awesome driving style…and this one is…AWESOME!! >W<


  7. its called the t-cam

    but yeah, what else can you say kimi is so far up the leader board coz of him

    lotus cant keep up development pace with atleast 3 teams if not more,

    it looks like force india and sauber are atleast on terms with lotus now

    yet he is ahead of guys like webber, lewis, jenson etc,

    if he had anyone of those top 3 teams cars he would win this wdc


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