Tag Heuer Releases Kimi ‘Speedway’ Sunglasses

From MotorTrend.com

[Check out the cool interactiveTag Heuer website to take a closer look at the Speedway]

So let’s say your best
buddy is an F1 buff and he’s been a little down lately. See, that pesky
ace McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton (not to mention Ferrari’s own Felipe
Massa) have been just a little too quick lately and managed to dethrone
your buddy’s F1 fave – Ferrari driver and former F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen. Now it looks like your friend’s got a pretty long, cold
winter ahead before Kimi can hop back in the saddle and get his crown

we’ve got just the Christmas gift to cheer him up this holiday season.
See, TAG Heuer – a brand best known for its luxury watches – has jumped
in the eyewear market and teamed up with Kimi to create a special
edition line of sunglasses designed by the F1 champ himself. Kimi’s TAG
Heuer Speedway sunglasses were designed by Kimi for his own personal
use and are constructed with a titanium-alloy frame and
shock-resistant, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses that are
optionally polarized to keep away unwanted glare.

or red elastomere tips at the end are emblazoned with the "Speedway"
logo and Kimi’s name appears on both the arms and the lens corner. Of
course, the glasses also offer full UV-A and UV-B protection and were
mighty lightweight and comfortable when we got the chance to try on a
pair – and of course we were also instantly better drivers (and more
handsome too).

Heuer says it is only offering the glasses in limited quantities and
for a limited time, so if these appeal to you, acting fast will be your
best bet. Though, if you’re a Lewis fan, we probably wouldn’t bother.

Raikkonen says: “I love sunglasses, so when TAG Heuer suggested I could get involved in
their Avant-Garde Eyewear collection I showed immediate interest. We
soon started to develop a specific eyewear series inspired by
racing and my passion for speed.

Design is very important and I’m
always looking for something different so I’m really delighted to work
with TAG Heuer Eyewear and develop products that not only I would like
to wear but I am sure my supporters will too.”

You can purchase two versions of Kimi’s new TAG Heuer Speedway
Sunglasses including a Men’s pair made with a black ceramic and
aluminum temples or a female pair made with a gradient blue frame and
aluminum temples.

https://krspace.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/speedway.jpg?w=300Haha! Funny how Tag Heuer have put Lewis’s McLaren in Kimi’s picture above. And there is a female version of the Speedway glasses, cool! You would have seen Kimi wearing these shades throughout this F1 season, but now they are available to buy (as are my 2009 Kimi calendars!) Kimi and Tag Heuer extended their partnership in February this year, as previously reported. Check out more pics of Kimi’s Speedway sunglasses in his promotional photoshooting here.

8 thoughts on “Tag Heuer Releases Kimi ‘Speedway’ Sunglasses

  1. you’re right Kimi!!! i want ones!! ;-)!


  2. Hmmm Marilyne, I think Kimi clearly hinted that we, as his supporters, should buy his sunglasses lolFirst, let me find out how much they cost! I may be a Kimi nut but I’m very penny-wise…


  3. sure i’m not sure i have enough money ! lolol!but i wonder how they cost too, thx if you find that!! and i would like to try on it too! to look at my face with it!!


  4. …Then sneakily take a picture with them on LOL!Only one place sells them here in London, omg…well obviously, it’s a limited edition and it’s sold at an opticians, forgot their name. Couldn’t find any price yet…


  5. yeah, if i find them, i will take a picture with my cellphone! i will sne d you! ;-)i go to Paris for a stage for 3 days this monday, sure i can find them somewhere there too!!!


  6. Oh that would be great! 🙂


  7. Sweet!!! How nice on behalf of the Tag Heuer people to release this special edition of Kimi´s sunglasses(I know, I know, they get paid to do it, plus Kimi is a walking advertisement!lol), but still, those are nice sunglasses….I don´t wear them myself, but wouldn´t mind getting my hands on a pair! And yes Saima, Kimi WANTS us to wear them!;p


  8. These sunglasses are now in stock at Eye2Eye in Glasgow. They can be contacted on 0141 552 2030 and provide mail order service. The perfect Christmas gift for F1 fans..


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