Some Changes…Oh and Kimi Sells His Finnish House everyone! Windows Live have been implementing some new features and there are some changes to the way the Spaces are functioned. Obviously, the Kimi Raikkonen Space here is affected so I thought I’d point a few out. But first, let’s get the latest Kimi news out:

Raikkonen’s House Up For Sale

Kimi Räikkönen myy Suomen kalleinta kotia

Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen was Wednesday reported to
be planning to sell one of his homes in the Finnish capital Helsinki,
news reports said. Tabloid Iltalehti reported that the eight-bedroom
house was up for sale for 14.5 million euros (18.3 million dollars).

Raikkonen, who won the Formula One title in 2007, was reported to live
mainly in Switzerland but said to own at least three other properties
in the Helsinki area.

The Finnish driver a few years ago paid 9.5 million euros for the 526
square metre-house on the island suburb Kaskisaari. The property will
not be open for public showing and according to the report some foreign
embassies have expressed some interest in it.

Kimi does actually live with his wife in Wollerau, Switzerland, since 4 years ago I think! (Check out pictures of Kimi at home and doing the Tag Heuer photoshoot with Jenni) Anyway, it’s not much of news. People sell houses all the time, whatever. Let’s get back to the changes Windows Live have made and their effects on KRS:

1. Photos

KRS is most popular for the photos I manage to provide over race weekends and everything, but it was usually quite a tedious task but now it’s made easier. I love collecting photos and I’m sure you all do too as Kimi fans, so I’m happy to say that sharing them will continue for as long as possible. Windows Live have ‘altered’ the appearance and location of the internal pages of the Space, such as the photos. They are now separate and part of Skydrive which is another service of Windows Live, Spaces being separate as Hotmail and etc. The Photos were uploaded onto the Space, but now they are stored in the KRS Sky Drive which is under my profile as Evenstar Saima. As it’s now separate, it doesn’t continue the black/blue/red/white theme on the KRS homepage which is a shame because it feels like you’re somewhere else, not in KRS.

BUT! The photos are also now uploaded and viewable in their original resolution – this is good! Before, the size of the photos were restricted and quite small, I chose another photo server (Photobucket) which meant I had to resize every picture before uploading simple to save space and avoid a pixelated appearance. Fans can now enjoy the Kimi photos I upload, in their high resolution. For example, I’ll choose a photo album from the Photo box on this page, and I’ve chosen a picture. But click on it again for a bigger view and it will look like this. WOW! Lovely and in high quality. Easy and simple.
The annoying thing, however, is the link (or the URL addresses). It should have ‘darkmaiden’ as you all know that KRS is on darkmaiden now but
it’s just random letters and numbers and will look alien to other users. For example, the previous link used to be
‘ bla bla’ which was better in my opinion, and it was much shorter. However, having the photos uploaded in their original resolution is a really good thing and I’m very pleased about that as it makes my job easier, it enhances the experience for fans here and they can also download them easier. (You should install Photo Gallery which is a Windows Live beta, to download full albums as they are, onto your computer)

2. Lists

These are still the same in their functions, but the only difference is that it looks different when you choose a list, for example Kimi’s 2008 Statistics. And the link/URL doesn’t have ‘darkmaiden’ again, just a CID code which is my profile number. Grrrr!


This year, it’s been great fun on KRS as many of you started getting involved by posting comments and creating a great commuity. Adding comments are easy and pretty much the same for everyone, however there is now a kind of ‘Facebook’ feel to what Windows Live have tried to achieve. Comments are shown as being posted "1 day ago" or "38 minutes ago" and etc. Deleting comments, as the ‘editor’ of KRS, is hard. There is a huge spamming fest going on lately on Windows Live and you might have come across some of these posts. It hasn’t been solved yet, but we haven’t been given any easier way of deleting comments. We still have to do them one by one. Multiple deleting would be handy.

4. Profile

Basically, everything of KRS and it’s contents are under my profile on Windows Live. You’ll notice the link/URL is still a code, and not ‘darkmaiden’. Don’t let this put you off! As you can see in my profile, there is Photos, Space, Network and etc. Space is where KRS is. You can still access the Kimi photos I upload by visiting the Space as you usually would. Photos is just a separate direct link to photos I upload, again seeming like a Facebook kind of structure.

I just want to say incase some of you haven’t realised before, KRS isn’t an independant website. If it was, and I’d rather it was actually, the address would be something like "". KRS is just my thing, for Kimi fans, provided on the Space service from Windows Live. I hope the professionalism and content did actually make you think otherwise, but it’s purely down to dedication. To create this in a limited environment, designing the header and header-buttons, the sections of information via the lists, the photos, is hard but in a way it’s easy too because this is a free service. Simplicity is best afterall and I want every Kimi fan to be able to enjoy properly. I hope that’s answered any questions or confusions.

~ Keep Flying!

11 thoughts on “Some Changes…Oh and Kimi Sells His Finnish House

  1. Hiya! Yes I noticed something was going on yesterday as I repeatedly tried to get in the space and couldn´t. Just checked the photos thing and it´s better if we can get them in high resolution, don´t worry about them not being in the "darkmaiden" colours, we know it´s you, plus we get your display photo at the top, so no one will get confused, promise! (By the way, I looove your new profile pic, you look lovely, like a real journalist at work! ;p).Onto Kimi´s house, wow, it´s amazing. I had seen it before, but still wow! Someone at the official forum suggested we buy it, haha, let´s all get our savings together and maybe we collect like what? a couple thousand Euros! Haha! But it would be funny if some fans went there to see the house, can you imagine that? I´d be like a mad girl, I would hold on to a sofa and chain myself to it, then the new owners would have to put up with me! haha!Keep flying Evenstar!!! – oh yes and Kimi too (but he´s on holiday, so you fly for the time being!) ;p


  2. Lol!!!!! Yeah, I can imagine the headline: "Desperate Fangirls Buy Raikkonen’s House". And look, the sofa…..OMG! a lot Sol 🙂 I am encouraged!


  3. I’ve just discovered another annoying thing: we can’t hyperlink in our comments! grrrr!!!! look at that long link, it’s hideous!


  4. OMG! The sofa!!! I do want to chain myself to it…..but with Kimi by my side! ;)I noticed the link below and thought whaaaat! But hey, we´ll get used to it….as long as it´s easier for you to run the site it´s all good.;p


  5. Good that it’ll make your life easier for you with the photos, even if it’ll be a little weird for a while.Nice house though! But I guess he might have to prove to the tax man that he doesn’t actually live in Finland, and having 3/4 houses won’t be easy to explain away. I think one of the translations on his official forum said that he had 2 neighbouring properties in Porkkala, as well as a Helsinki condo, can’t live in them all I guess! 😉


  6. I´d be more than happy to house-sit one of his houses….maybe we can take turns!Hehe ;p


  7. Hiya, just came home from a trip and so happy to see you guys chatting about Kimi’s house… my friend in Helsinki sent me a Finish link with different view…looks like it’s on the waterfront with private dock….nice indeed. @Sol I would love to visit and see you chained to that big sofa :))) Check out the link:


  8. Hey guys! Oooo nice location eh. And Nicki’s right, that’s probably why. Plus, there’s only one place like home! lol and it’s in Swizterland…(tax heaven = home! lol)


  9. @YiNing: that shot of the house is awesome! You´re more than welcome to come house-sit with me, all of you! Come on you guys we have to buy it! :);p


  10. HaHa @Sol, yes! let’s do it!!


  11. thx and ok girls!! i come with you!! i haven’t got chains but i have got ropes to tie us to the sofa!!! lol! :-)))!!but to buy it we have to win to the lottery!!! i’m not sure that with some money from every Raikkos, it will be sufficient!!i would love to visit it at least!!but hey, that doesn’t cost nothing to dream….


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