2007 Hungarian GP Highlights

I hope you enjoy the video, I suppose you guys do as I get over 500+ downloads!


Download – Hungarian GP 2007 highlights video
– 79MB

Duration – 8.17 minutes

In the news:

Date set for spy case appeal hearing – The FIA court of appeal hearing into the McLaren and Ferrari spying case will take place on 13 September in Paris.

Motorsport’s governing body also announced that the press would be
allowed to sit in on the hearing, and that the other teams would be
permitted to address the court.

Renault’s Flavio Briatore has spoken openly on his views with McLaren, and after claiming they have ‘undoubtedly’ cheated although with no evidence, he will be attending the court of appeal.

McLaren press on with Hungary appeal – McLaren have gone forward with their appeal against their penalty in the Hungarian Grand Prix. The British squad were penalised after qualifying for what the stewards
considered to be actions "prejudicial to the interests of the

McLaren deny Hamilton used curse words – McLaren said on Thursday that those stories were not true, that Hamilton had never used the "F word" when talking to Dennis.

"Over the last few days there has been some inaccurate and
misleading reporting of certain events which transpired during the
qualification for the Hungarian Grand Prix," the team said in a

"Whilst the team would normally not comment on such speculation,
Lewis has asked us to correct one important matter of untrue critical
commentary. It has been reported that Lewis used the "F word" to Ron
Dennis over the team radio immediately after the qualification session
had been completed.

"The team have investigated this claim and reviewed the radio
transmissions and we can categorically confirm that Lewis did not use
the "F word" at any time during any conversation with the team.

"The team and Lewis are extremely disappointed that the use of the
"F word" appears to have been invented and repeated to the media."

I was wondering how come McLaren hadn’t spoken of this earlier, which led me to believe Hamilton swearing at Ron was indeed true. But it still doesn’t change the fact that it was Hamilton’s fault for what happened and the team, including Alonso, were not talking to him (but I suppose that is also apparantly and not certain). It does raise the question however, of why was Alonso not keeping up with Lewis during qualifying and was too busy battling with Kimi. Mind games? Whatever it is, McLaren could certainly be free of them considering the amount of stress they are already in off-track.

4 thoughts on “2007 Hungarian GP Highlights

  1. Superb as usual. Thx for the clip and GOOOO Kimiiiiii!!! 🙂 


  2. u know…it took me a long time to download it…
    but I have watched the brillient video,I think it’s worth waiting~


  3. thanks for the video!i also think hamilton did swear at ron


  4. It can’t download


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