Top Gear Magazine Interview Kimi

From old were you when you first became interested in cars / speed / racing?
Kimi Raikkonen: Right
from when I was very little, I was interested in anything that had an
engine. If I had not become a driver, I would certainly have been a

Growing up, which drivers do you remember watching and who were you impressed by?
never had a hero or an idol. My friends tell me I should have raced in
the Seventies when maybe Formula 1 was less formal and I would
definitely liked to have known James Hunt.

When did you think you might become pretty good yourself and why?
KR: That’s
not for me to say. I always wanted to be a racing driver and I gave it
everything I had to do that. From then on, it’s my results that speak
for me.

Wouldn’t it make sense if all testing was banned?
More time for snowmobiling, less expensive for the teams and still the
same for everybody!

KR: No, I’d be asked to spend more time on
the simulator! But joking aside, I think the current situation is
pretty well balanced. We don’t test as much as we used to a few years
back and we work more efficiently.

But that’s unlikely, so what do you find most useful about testing, personally?
KR: I just love driving a Formula 1 car, which means I even like testing.

you’re testing and racing, how aware are you of the part you play in
helping develop new technologies, like Shell V-Power, for example?

KR: In
a sport as finely honed as Formula 1, where the difference between
first and last is measured in tenths of a second, you have to push to
the limits in terms of car development, in all areas. As far as the
engine is concerned, we are currently in a particularly special stage,
where development on certain components is frozen for a few years. This
means we can have a fuel or an engine oil that gives us a few
horsepower more, a gearbox oil that improves lubrication and makes such
an important component more reliable and that is a really vital point.

What was your most satisfying Grand Prix win ever?
KR: Hard
to say as all the wins are great. Of course, the first one and the one
in Interlagos last year which meant I was world champion will always
stay with me.

What were your main reasons for joining Ferrari from McLaren?
KR: Simply
a desire to change after so many years with the same team. I felt
comfortable at McLaren, just as I feel comfortable at Ferrari. The two
teams are different because of their different character, but both
share a common desire to get the very best results.

Ferrari just another team for you or does the immense history and list
of its previous great drivers ever cross your mind? Does Ferrari feel
different in this way?

KR: There is definitely a special
atmosphere at Maranello and you can feel the special appeal of a marque
that is part of racing history. It’s nice and I’m proud to be part of
this history. fans don’t understand how much the
driver does during a race. Can you talk us through some of the things
you have to do while racing – brake adjustments, driving around
problems etc…

KR: That’s true, from the outside it is difficult
to understand all the details of what happens on track. First and
foremost there is so much work that one does along with the engineers
when the car is in the garage: defining the set up, the day’s work
programme, strategies.

Then, when you are sitting in the cockpit, there
are so many parameters you can control: the brake balance, some engine
and electrical parameters, the gearbox. Then there are unexpected
situations such as the arrival of the safety car and specific moments
that require you to go through complex programmes such as the start.

This year, with the introduction of a standard electronic control unit,
there are slightly less things to do, but next year, new parameters
will come into play, such as the electronic control of the flap on the
front wing and the boost switches linked to the energy accumulated
through the KERS system.

What makes a great driver, in your view?
KR: In
the end what matters are the result, but one has to take into account
that in the current Formula 1, the car remains the dominant factor.
Without a competitive car, you can’t win, no matter how talented you

What’s the best thing about your job?
KR: Driving and racing to win – there’s nothing else.

And the worst?
KR: Speaking in public? Honestly, it’s not a strong point of mine, but I know it’s part of my job and I have to accept it as such.

(Find the images used with this article over on this Italian site here) we are most grateful for that Kimi! But we’re even more happy when you race, ‘driving to win’. So stay the way you are.

I just want to mention something that has been infuriating me the past week. When I posted news from Finnish source MTV3,
regarding Kimi claiming that he wasn’t driving flat out as he usually
would in the remaining few races of the season, suddenly the rest of
the media took that news and turned it into headlines reading "Raikkonen lacked motivation" or "Kimi admits he lost interest in F1" and etc.

How bloody annoying, trying to justify their rubbish speculations by
saying he’s ‘admitted’ to them. Er, NO. he never lost motivation, he
never lost interest. Stop twisting Kimi’s words you bastards! He was
being honest he said that racing for third place or not being allowed
to race isn’t interesting, and therefore he wasn’t pushing as hard as
he usually would. Why do you think he took 10 fastest laps of the
season and suddenly stopped doing that when he became part of Massa’s
team support? Go and watch China and Brazil again, you idiots. He had
to drive slower to help Massa. Obviously, he isn’t going to fake it and
say "Oh yeah, that was the best time of my life, helping my teammate, I
can’t wait to do it again!". I never expect the media to show any
respect to the ‘losers’ but I just had to get this off my chest. The
only thing Kimi doesn’t show interest in is when talking to you media
maniac people! Hahahaha!

12 thoughts on “Top Gear Magazine Interview Kimi

  1. ahhhhh! Saima, it’s perfectly well said!
    we needed you to say that, thanks a lot, so much!
     it was so annoying to read those stupid things about Kimi, we knew that was untrue, totaly the contrary of this fighting man. and see your words is very comforting, the truth is restored!  that was important for the raikkos!
    and thanks so much to Kimi, to give us, fans more and more every day,
    see him less and less stressless when he’s speaking to media is so nice, always a pleasure!
    he’s nearer to his fans, lets us know him better ang gives us marvellous smiles without forgetting to amaze us in and out track…
    and that make me appreciate him even more!
    can’t wait to see him on track of course where all has begun, where we love to see him!
    and hope he will have THE perfect car to let his talent express himself!


  2. Well said Saima – I have been getting increasingly annoyed with the way the media have twisted Kimi’s words – even worse is if you read comments posted by the F*****g idiots that are agreeing- and ick saying Ferrari should sack  him or be annoyed with him.  I think Ferrari by signing him for another year pretty much accept that it was their wrong development that caused his problems – Sorry for swearing but the idiots do deserve it 


  3. I was going to apologise for swearing too, but they just get on my nerves!I was wanting to mention this two days ago as well, but this was the only opportunity lol


  4. You are right Saima. It is exactly how you say it. Kimi was not lacking any motivation. I read that articke from and Kimi didn’t really say that he had any motivation problems. He said in very polite way, that he was not allowed to race freely in the last three or four races. BTW: Today I got in my hands biography of Kimi. It is written in finnish and called "Jäämies", which means "Iceman". I will let you share best parts of it, when I have time to read it more.


  5. Yay, congrats Pekka! Yes, I already knew ‘Jaamies’ means Iceman, I’m steadily learning a little bit of Finnish lol I’d love to get the book myself anyway, just for keeps 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about it.


  6. Yeah, those headlines stank.  I saw them as well and thought exactly the same as you.  Pathetic excuse to make some news really, and just where was the need for it?    Nice interview for TG though, I like the bits about preferring the real thing over the simulator. 🙂  We prefer it too Kimi…


  7. Don´t get angry girl! I didn´t bother to pay attention to what the other sites were saying(of course it IS annoying to see them twist everything around and that sometimes you can´t help getting angry),  I know that you´re the only one we can rely on to post what our Iceman has on his mind, so for a while know I read things carefully on other sites and don´t trust anything until it has been posted here or on the forum. The motivation crap has been going around since the season began and since Kimi started having problems; we always knew it had nothing to do with his motivation…Great article, simple, honest, straight to the point Kimster, as usual ;p!Keep flying Kimi – Keep flying Evenstar!!!


  8. Thanks Saima for the great article again, just what we needed in this off-season void…
    Ya, like Sol said.  Try not to get angry over those worthless media.  Big Hug!! In my opinion they are just like mad dogs, they can bark all they want but it won’t bother us, and certainly will not affect Kimi.


  9. I’ve had to sit on my hands I don’t know how many times over the last few weeks.Stupid stupid media twisting everything to how they want it to come across. And then the brainless sheep just accepting it as fact. A.R.G.H!Although it does make you think. We know the truth about Kimi, so know it’s bulls**t, but how much other stuff, for instance all Hamilton’s twatish comments, are they twisted as well? Maybe he’s not such a muppet after all? Well, I can dream that next year he might be less annoying can’t I? As surely he can’t get worse? Can he? 😉


  10. Nah, I’ve based most of my judgement on Lewis by his on track behaviour and his comments broadcast live on tv, i.e the press conferences lol But you’re right, Kimi’s not the only one. Heck, Alonso’s been abused the most (prior winning again obviously…)


  11. A Good Luck for Kimi in 2009!


  12. Nicki … I understand what you’re saying, that maybe the media (as is their wont) have twisted Hamilton’s words, but as often as we have heard such arrogance from him, surely it can’t all be the written media.  Some of the people who have turned against Hamilton (a friend of mine I know for a fact this is why he turned against Hamilton), did so after hearing live interviews by him.  So, though the media might twist his words some, I doubt they’ve twisted them enough to make Hamilton look the way he does to many of us.  Along with the fact that, at least in the article I read with such a headline, if you read what words they give credit to Kimi for saying, there is nothing there that anyone with any logic would construe as Kimi saying he had no motivation.  It’s just sensationalistic headlines and the only ones who are going to believe that Kimi’s words were an admission of lack of motivation/spirit are the rabid hamilton worshippers and the kimi haters.  Everyone else (with any ability to read and comprehend what they read) will know that the sensationilistic headline and the words from Kimi had nothing to do with each other.


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