F1 GP Highlights: Germany 2008

https://i0.wp.com/i11.photobucket.com/albums/a188/SaimaAzam/Misc/krsevenstarsmall3.png Hi everyone! Here’s the 10th highlight video for the German GP. There’s plenty of action in this video, and all I can say is I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Size – 95.94MB
Duration – 7.57mins
Music track list‘Boys of Summer’ by DJ Sammy, ‘Breaking the Habit’ by Linkin Park, ‘Silent Assassin 102 Main Title’ (Extended Version) by Jesper Kyd.

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or Megaupload


11 thoughts on “F1 GP Highlights: Germany 2008

  1. *applauding*As always Evenstar you manage to make something great out of a race that wasn´t that great for Kimi. It was a bit difficult to watch these past two videos, watching Hamilton take the chequered flag instead of our boy, but well, better times will come.I´m tired of saying this, but I AM pretty confident about Hungary, let´s hope Ferrari have worked out their problems.Keep flying Kimi – Keep flying Evenstar!


  2. *hugs* hey! thanks Sol! Hope you’re okay, haven’t been able to chat much recently. It’s really hot weather now in England…grrr…I’d rather be in the countryside than a smoggy city like London!I was quite suprised how quickly I managed to make this video, probably because there wasn’t much to cover on Kimi’s part. It still ended up being quite long though! Sorry that the file size is larger than usual…I’m sure Kimi is most fed up too dear, he’ll give his best shot in Hungary 🙂 He HAS TO!


  3. Thank you again Saima!!! I’ve been so depressed and nothing seems to make sense any more…..  But when the video started I feel alive again….
    Kimi said he’s going to fight for win, he has to…. and we will not be disappointed again. definitely!!
    Keep flying Kimi – Keep flying Evenstar


  4. a video with a victory kimi I would have preferred, but it’s a good job saima,I hope the next faith with a victory kimi.


  5. aRUSH "ICEMAN" July 26, 2008 — 4:28 am

    great video saima, kimi seems to be stuck on unlucky no. 17…….n it’s abt time ferrari shift all their focus on kimi to retain his drivers title……….as for massa he can never be a champion. COME ON FERRARI n as always KEEP FLYING KIMI


  6. мαиυєℓα July 26, 2008 — 9:59 am

    Great this one….
    You’re very good at making video!! ;D
    Love the song "Boys of Summer" .. great….;)
    Kisses ^^


  7. aRUSH "ICEMAN" July 27, 2008 — 7:35 pm

    can u please tell me the songs u used in turkey gp 2007 n hungary gp 2007………….thanks in advance


  8. Great video as always! I didn’t envy you having to make this one. : /I’ve got my fingers crossed for a good race in Hungary, methinks Ferrari need a good one before the summer break.


  9. Cheers Nicki! It’s been quiet this week….but I’m thoroughly
    enjoying it LOL Would be even better if Kimi wins before the summer
    break, I agree. That would totally make Ferrari less stressed, and the
    can push harder and try and improve more in that time.

    @aRUSH "ICEMAN": 2007 Turkey: Simarik by Tarkan (Kiss Kiss), Layla by
    Eric Clapton; 2007 Hungary: Erase and Rewind by The Cardigans, Hound
    Dog by Elvis, Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Bedingfield, Lazy by Xpress


  10. aRUSH "ICEMAN" July 31, 2008 — 8:56 am

    saima,can u please provide the download link for the song "And Then Vinyl" by Rank 1 vs Jochen Miller


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