Video: Kimi’s Canadian GP preview

kr-cangp-2015-preview2The Formula One championship now takes a quick break from the European part of the season to tackle the first North American round of the year.

Kimi Raikkonen talks about some of the salient points of the Canadian track. “It’s true the Montreal circuit is famous for the fact one gets very close to the walls, but compared to Monaco or Singapore, it can be considered quite wide. There are two key requirements for getting the very most out of the car at this track and they are speed and a reliable braking system.

The ideal set-up is one that allows for these two elements to be combined as well as possible. That way, the driver can feel comfortable when pushing to the limit. Montreal is notorious for being very tough from a fuel consumption point of view, but this is another area where we have made a lot of progress compared to last year, but as usual, it’s only the track that will provide the answer. There’s an especially positive vibe in Canada, with a young crowd and we have a lot of fans there. Unfortunately, we don’t get much time to visit the city that hosts this event, as our race weekends run to a hectic schedule and mainly, we just get to go from the hotel to the track.”

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1 thought on “Video: Kimi’s Canadian GP preview

  1. I see a 4th, or even lower on Sunday. Very doubtful he can win in Canada with such long straights. Cars take a beating, but will favor the Mercs in the end if nothing goes wrong as last year. 2005 was the exception for Kimi.


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