First picture: Daddy Kimi with his family

Here is the first ‘public’ photograph of Kimi Raikkonen with his son Robin, which Minttu revealed via her blog today. Isn’t it adorable?! Robin is just over 2 months old now.


“We are getting used to this grey Finnish winter, which surprised us all after a few lovely spring days. I think it is great to be here except the weather could be better.  It is wonderful to see all the lovely people whom I miss so much when living abroad. 

Robin’s first flight went great! I was so excited that I could not sleep the night before at all. He was smiling all the time before he fell asleep in his daddy’s arms.” – Minttu.

“Daddy you so cool!”

9 thoughts on “First picture: Daddy Kimi with his family

  1. Happy family 😍


  2. beautiful.xx


  3. “Hey everybody, forget Vettel! My cool dad was man of the race!”


  4. It’s so good to see Kimi happy with his wife, Minttu, and little Robin… Thanks, Saima for sharing this 🙂

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    1. They are not married, yet 😉 Apparently Minttu is wearing an engagement ring and they plan to get married in the Summer, I heard.


      1. Julien Grycan May 27, 2015 — 5:26 pm

        You are Sherlock Holmes!…


      2. Actually Minttu revealed over last weekend in an interview with Finnish media that they are not getting married just yet, but will wait till Robin is older so he can be part of the occasion lol


  5. Congratulations to Kimi to have his own family. Will Robin look like Kimi? I m looking forward to see his face hahaha…


  6. Beautiful family 🙂


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