Arrivabene: Kimi has shown he’s a fabulous driver


After two races in 2015, Ferrari is happy with its driver lineup.

Having struggled alongside Fernando Alonso last year, Kimi Raikkonen went into the last year of his current contract in 2015 admitting he is not sure if he will still be wearing red next season.

But so far, although Alonso’s successor Sebastian Vettel has the upper hand after two podium appearances including a win, Raikkonen seems much happier with his new Ferrari.

The Finn was quick in Melbourne but ran into trouble in the race, and he had a similarly troubled Sunday in Malaysia but ultimately finished fourth.

Understandably, Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene focused on the importance of Vettel’s breakthrough victory after the Malaysian grand prix.

But after speaking to reporters late on Sunday, the Italian remembered: “One more thing, and it’s important to me that you write it.

“Kimi has shown with his great comeback what a fabulous driver he is,” Arrivabene is quoted by Speed Week.

“I cannot imagine a finer driving pairing.” [Source:]

2 thoughts on “Arrivabene: Kimi has shown he’s a fabulous driver

  1. Iceman, we love you, but you should be less icy and be more fired up during the start of a race. We know how more than capable you are during a race but every time the lights go green, they’re all eating you alive Kimi. The drivers are all exploiting your tendency to go “suave” in the first corner……..


  2. I thought the way Kimi managed such a great comeback after getting a puncture and then having to drive through the field from last place was just brilliant. Big applause to Kimi – I’m looking forward to seeing him on the podium when the team manages to sort out their strategy – at least the pit stops were an improvement !!


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