Resting and recouping

There has been some talk about my accident in Silverstone. Well, obviously it was one of the worst crashes I have ever had in Formula One.

Going so straight to the barrier from high speed there is no time to do too much. The cockpit is built very tight, there is no room to move your legs. And yes, it did hurt. I got bruises everywhere, and I had to rest some time and recoup my strengths.

Now everything is OK and I am looking forward to jump back to car and start working again to get things going better and better to the direction where we all want to the car to be.

As I have always said, there are certain risks in this business. You cannot make any motorsport 100% safe. Sometimes it just happens. But now it is in the past and I am just looking ahead for the new challenges to beat.

My history with German Grands Prix is nothing to remember. I have always liked both Hockenheim and Nurburgring, but from one reason or another we have never got the weekend perfectly right.

Actually my last visits to Germany have not been too bad. We got a podium both times. So at least, I can say, it has been going in better direction.

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