Kimi determined to clear up Ferrari tactics


Kimi Raikkonen says he wanted to clarify the thinking behind Ferrari’s strategy after losing out to team-mate Fernando Alonso in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Alonso overtook Raikkonen for sixth place in the closing stages, having caught the Finn on fresher tyres by virtue of stopping three times compared to his team-mate’s two pitstops.

Earlier in the race Alonso had been able to make the first pitstop of the pair despite running behind Raikkonen on the road. Teams often give pitstop choice priority to the driver who is ahead on track.

On team radio messages from the slowing-down lap broadcast to television audiences, Raikkonen asked “who made these calls?” as he felt he was getting “second choice”.

Asked by AUTOSPORT to explain the messages and whether he felt Alonso was getting priority, Raikkonen replied: “I just wanted to clear up some things.”

The Finn played down the significance of the differing strategy choices and being beaten to sixth.

“Obviously there was not much between it,” Raikkonen said. “We still finished far away from the others. It did not make much difference to the result.”

Alonso insisted that his strategic priority had been to beat Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull, not to try to win an intra-team war. Vettel managed to jump Alonso at the final stops and pulled away to take fourth.

“I don’t know how the tyres were for Kimi, but for me after two or three laps I had a very difficult rear end so was asking when we could stop,” said Alonso.

“When it was time, we stopped. Then I had traffic and because of that I didn’t pass Kimi.

“In the second stint I finished the tyres again and asked when we could stop. They said we could keep going or do two stops, or we stop and do three.

“They said Vettel was on three so if we stopped now, we covered him. And I said ‘we do it’.

“I tried to protect the position from Vettel and it was not possible. The intention was just to keep Vettel behind once we’d changed strategy. We didn’t manage it and it was a shame.”

Although Raikkonen was closer to Alonso in Spain after being outperformed by some margin at the preceding race in China, the Finn said he was more concerned with Ferrari’s poor overall position.

“It’s just a different race. We’re trying many things and it was a bit better, but we are still sixth and seventh,” he said.

“We had some chances to fight but we are still far away from where we want to be. Overall we were the fourth-quickest team, so it’s disappointing.

“But there were some good points over the weekend compared to the last race.”


8 thoughts on “Kimi determined to clear up Ferrari tactics

  1. For me it was crystal clear that ferrari gave priority to alonso and this was really unfair. Kimi does not deserve it. That really pissed me off.


    1. Totally agree with you. I can only think that either Ferrari are as rubbish at strategy as they are at building cars, or it was blatant favouritism – again.


      1. Fauvoritism once again. No doubt!!!


  2. This was very unfair from Ferrari, that´s true….Kimi, I´m sure, when the car will be more normal, You´ll show, who You are! Altough – Ferrari should know this already!!


  3. Alonsooo alonsooo, where do I start…..
    For almost a decade Alonso has been considered the “champion without a crown” “second best”, considers himself to be the best and when he is not the best its because of teammates, slow car, bad strategy, bad calls by engineers, vettel having a better car and I can go on and on (seriously, I have more…) well everything else minus blaming himself..
    I think what also doesnt help is the media being hyper bias towards alonso and also in part to hamilton. Vettel has won 4 in a row, but nobody takes him seriously, if we are all true f1 fans then we should all start booing hamilton cause its getting boring by the second. Minus his teammate, hamilton has not been fighting anybody on track. So how does one justify that he is a “top” driver?
    Back to alonso, coming in second doesnt make you the best, you have to be number one, period. He still thinks his the last standing true champion while the rest are champions because of having good cars. This guy has not been champ for so long that he is so desperate in achiving it, just look how he blamed ferrari last year hehehe


    1. 100% agree. Alonso is just sour grapes


  4. I’m glad this happened…Raikkonen is improving…today Alonso won the intra-team battle not because of his own ability but because of strategic calls…soon even that won’t help him…i hope whatever happened only makes kimi more hungry to beat Alonso 🙂


  5. IF ferrari is concerned to beat vettel they could have chosen raikkonen to pass vettel. cant they c kimi is infront of alonso, when alonso tried every thing to pass kimi in the first stint and failed, how can he pass vettel LOllllllllllllllllllllllll


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