Allison: “Kimi is still very strong, incredibly precise”

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Testing F1 Jerez de la Frontera, Spain 28-31 January 2014

A good start with Kimi Raikkonen and James Allison on the same wavelength at the end of the second of four days of testing at the Jerez circuit in southern Spain.

“We have obtained some good baselines from which to continue the development of the F14 T,” said the Scuderia’s Technical Director, talking to “We are working mainly on car reliability and so far, we can claim to be reasonably satisfied because, even though we are talking about a car that’s almost totally new, we haven’t encountered any particular problems. We are also happy with the data parameters we have seen in terms of cooling, as well as those relating to aerodynamic downforce: both of them have matched our expectations.”

Asked for an opinion on Kimi’s second debut in red, Allison had this to say. “He is still the same strong driver, with his usual phlegmatic approach,” added the Englishman with a smile. “It’s difficult for him to get over excited about something, but he gives the engineers the feedback they need to do their job. He might not say much, but he is incredibly accurate when it comes to explain what needs to be done to make the car quicker.”

Allison confessed to not having paid the slightest attention to what the other teams have been doing, therefore he is unable to give an opinion on how competitive the F14 T might be. “There’s too much to do to think about the others. We have to keep an eye on every detail, because it only takes the smallest thing to leave you stranded. Between now and Melbourne, we will have to organise every last detail to be ready for the first race.”


2 thoughts on “Allison: “Kimi is still very strong, incredibly precise”


    Caterham F1 team rookie Swedish driver Marcus Ericsson says during Kimi’s early years the Iceman was his idol.

    “Kimi was my idol at a young age. I drove karts when he began his Formula One career. It would be great to be against him in a race, a real honour. I believe that all Scandinavians like Kimi, his style and his talent behind the wheel to show why,” Ericsson told MTV in an interview with Sport.

    Ericsson does not feel he like as a person Räikkönen.

    “Kimi is Kimi and I’m myself.”

    Ericsson says that they have had in Finland a couple of times, but other connections to Finland, he does not have, or … well, any one, he would certainly like to mention.

    “The only connection is in Finland is that they tend to win in ice hockey,” Ericsson shows off.


  2. So exiting!!!!

    I hope quality of the streams is bit better this year! 🙂


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