Statistics from Lotus two-year stint

German Grand Prix, Nurburgring 4-7 July 2013

As requested, I’ve compiled some stats from the Iceman’s Lotus era. Not that numbers means anything to the man himself, but I’m sure Raikkonen can be proud of his achievements at Lotus during his Formula 1 comeback. Raikkonen’s two-year stint at the Enstone-based team is in stark contrast to that of his ex-teammate Grosjean, who has suddenly been pulling in the results as 2013 comes to a close.

Kimi Raikkonen

  • Total points: 390
  • Number of Grands Prix: 39 (contracted to end of 2013 season)
  • Number of Starts: 37 (misses final two 2013 races)
  • Number of Wins: 2 – Abu Dhabi 2012-Australia 2013
  • Number of Fastest Laps: 4 – Malaysia-Britain 2012, Australia-India 2013
  • Number of Finishes: 35*
  • Number of Finishes on Podium: 15
  • Number of Finishes in Points: 33
  • Number of Pole Positions: 0
  • Number of Retirements: 2 – Belgium-Abu Dhabi 2013
    * – Record: 27 consecutive point finishes, 38 consecutive finishes

Romain Grosjean

  • Total points: 228 (prior the final 2013 race)
  • Number of Grands Prix: 39
  • Number of Starts: 38
  • Number of Wins: 0
  • Number of Fastest Laps: 1 – Spain 2012
  • Number of Finishes: 26
  • Number of Finishes on Podium: 9
  • Number of Finishes in Points: 14
  • Number of Pole Positions: 0
  • Number of Retirements: 10

Feel free to leave a comment below or to correct any statistical errors.

4 thoughts on “Statistics from Lotus two-year stint

  1. Doesn’t Romain has a fastest lap to his name from the 2012 spanish GP at catalunya??


  2. I just read an article in which massa declares that (for him) it was easier to work with micheal and fernando than with Kimi.
    There’s another one where Grosjean says that Heikki talks more than Kimi.
    David Coultard says that this week the joke is ‘that ferrari picked the wrong lotus driver’

    I’m not being sensitive and I think Kimi would care less, but I wonder why people take very cheap shots at Kimi. I’ve been a Kimi fan for a long time and I’ve never read/seen him take cheap shots at anybody. Once in a while he critizises a certain driver for a racing incident, but no more than that .

    I assume Massa thinks he is equal or more than Kimi and somehow he deserves the seat more than Kimi. Grosjean has a superb second half of the season and thinks his superman.
    These two under-achivers should talk less and prove more. They have won nothing, kimi has only 1 championship, but very few drivers and nobody from this generation can say they signed two ferrari contracts in two different periods.

    Grosjean may have a bright future ahead of him, but I think he is a couple of steps behind hulk, Nico and even checo. Massa can just talk and talk but I think his history…

    Kimi may be the oldest, but his last two years is in a ferrari, one that is full of all stars next year.


  3. Everyone, who knows Kimi, has to know as well, that Kimi is in F1, because he loves to drive. He is in F1 to drive & to win, not to find a friends – so simple it is!


  4. Gio… just ignore those people. They are just jealous about Kimi & trying all ways to damage our hero’s image. Mouth is on their face which we can’t control. What we can do is just ignore those article.

    RE: Kimi’s achievement in Lotus. I believe it would have been much much better without mis-manangement of Lotus after Kimi’s annoucement to join Ferrari. Again, this is another good example of jealousy. As a resulted Lotus gain nothing but loses their image week after week… …


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