Kimi undergoes surgery today in Austria

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As the F1 circus arrives in Austin, Texas, for this weekend’s USA Grand Prix, Raikkonen is in Salzburg, Austria, for his pre-meditated back surgery.

“Kimi has not been able to sleep properly. He also has had problems with walking type of aesthetic basics,” Räikkönen’s manager Steve Robertson says.

Surgery is therefore necessary. This way Kimi gets fit as quickly as possible and back to practice.

Back pains has bothered the Finn long time. The first hard blow came in 2001, when Raikkonen crashed out in the Magny Cours tests. In 2010, Räikkönen had the first back surgery due to the bulge.

Robertson says that the problems are now similar to those in the past .

“Kimi has a problem with the nerves in the lower back.”

He will rest after the surgery about four weeks. Raikkonen will be in the hospital a day or two .

“We are aware of previous surgery on the basis that it will take approximately four weeks before Kimi can not do anything decent,” Robertson says.

“The most important thing is to rest as much as possible after the operation.”

7 thoughts on “Kimi undergoes surgery today in Austria

  1. All the very best to Kimi. Take care, and rest.

    No bikes, or rally cars or girls for you right now!


  2. Best luck, Kimi. Thank you for the great racing and great character you have shown us. Hope to see you front and center on every podium from 2014 until your retirement with fifteen or twenty WDCs cluttering your mantelpiece.

    Alan Permane is an IDIOT.


  3. ……“The most important thing is to rest as much as possible after the operation.”……
    Don´t forget this, Kimi! GET WELL! I´m looking forward to see You as fit as a fiddle:)))


  4. Hope that the operation is a success , Heath is important ,no short cuts to recovery so take the doctors wishes to you


  5. Buon riposo Guerriero ! Sarà un 2014 STELLARE !


  6. Get well soon Kimi.. 🙂


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