Friday in Singapore: “A pretty decent day”

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P5 in the first session and P8 in the second don’t sound like remarkable results from the first day of track action in Singapore, but the crucial factor was that it was a happy Finn who got out of the car at the end of the evening’s action at the Marina Bay Street Circuit…

Q: How was your evening action in Singapore?

KR: It was a pretty decent day. The car felt okay, but I had some traffic on my fast lap on the softer tyres so I wasn’t able to set a faster lap. The car isn’t too bad and there are still some places where we can make it faster. The times don’t matter on Friday so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Q: Does the car feel better than it has done at the last two races where the team has struggled somewhat?

KR: This downforce level suits us better so the car has felt better as a result.

Q: There was quite a gap to the fastest car today; can you eat into the gap at all?

KR: It’s always the same; some cars are fast on Friday, but it can be a different case on Saturday or Sunday. Just talking about my own lap time, I’m sure we can do a much better lap time than what we saw today.

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