Lotus: Kimi probably has the toughest attitude of all drivers

| Source: Iltalehti 12.7.2012 | Translation courtesy of Nicole | 

German Grand Prix, Nurburgring 4-7 July 2013

Lotus team’s branding manager Stephane Samson told Iltalehti that the team hasn’t planned any marketing strategy around Räikkönen. Everything just fell in place.

According to Samson Lotus wants to be as transparent, open and friendly as possible. The team has applied the same philosophy with Räikkönen also.

Samson says that Kimi is already a big boy who knows how the F1 circus operates.

“We have never asked him to smile or to give longer replies to the media. We have only asked him to be himself.”

“Maybe this is why he feels safe and why he has started to show more of his personality. But I emphasize that this has not been any deliberate action. Kimi is Kimi. Period.”

Samson tells that Räikkönen is much more multidimensional than the tv-footage reveals.

“He is honest, straight, loyal, easy-going, brave, caring and also very funny.”

Samson confirms that Räikkönen demands a lot from his team.

“Working with Kimi is like sky diving. If you fail once, you don’t get a new chance.”

“But this suits us well. He only demands as much from others as he demands from himself. There is no room for mistakes.”

According to Samson Kimi has to be given his own space when he needs it.,

“You can see from him when it’s a good time to talk, joke or just walk in another direction.”

Motivates the whole team

Samson says that during GP-weekends Kimi’s attitude is probably tougher than any other driver’s attitude is

“But when the race is over, Kimi turns into a whole different person. He becomes one of the most relaxed guys on our planet.”

Samson also praises that Räikkönen knows how to take victories. This motivates the team’s 500 employees in the factory.

“His ability to manage the car is completely amazing.”

And Räikkönen never resorts to politics.

“He just does his job. It makes the team’s life so much easier.”

1 thought on “Lotus: Kimi probably has the toughest attitude of all drivers

  1. Me like, but I remember a story from his McLaren days when one of the mechanis made a mistake and Ron wanted to fire him but Kimi said dont touch my boys. Its ages ago but essentially right.


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